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Palmetto Health is one of the best and most widely compact health care organizations in the United States. It is based in the South Carolina Midlands region of the U.S.A. This organization is working with a vision, “To be remembered by each patient as providing the care and compassion we want for our families and ourselves.” The team members, physicians, and volunteers of Palmetto are providing different medical services with intensive care and compassion from other locations such as Palmetto Health Baptist, Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge, Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, Palmetto Health Heart Hospital, Palmetto Health Richland, Palmetto Health Tuomey and Baptist Easley Hospital.

What does Palmetto Health do?
Palmetto Health is a medical support organization. Besides, it is also involved with some other programs. Almost 55% of people of that region are getting different medical services from Palmetto Health, such as Behavioral Care Services, Breast Center, Cancer Centers, Cardiac Services, Geriatric Services, Homecare and Hospice Services, Neuroscience, Orthopedics, Palmetto Health Counseling, Women’s Services, etc. Palmetto Health also provides some volunteer programs and medical-related educational classes and events.
Per year
 About 1,000,000+ patients are provided with health care.
 More than 7,000 new babies are coming into the world under their supervision.
 They are treating about 3,000+ cancer patients.
 Approximately 220,000+ patients are visiting the Emergency Department.
 They are performing more than 40,000 home care visits.

How many employees Palmetto Health has?
There are more than 15,000 team members, physicians, and volunteers for providing different kinds of health services and other programs. With these human resources, Palmetto Health plays a significant role in health care for the Midlands region.

How to access Palmetto Health MyPal from home?
 If you are an employee or associated with the company, you can access MyPal; otherwise, you have to be approved by the information security officer.
 It would help if you had an up-to-date computer with an operating system like Windows or Mac with updated antivirus and security patches.
 Latest internet browser and Citrix XenApp plugin.
 It would help if you had a broadband connection, not Wi-Fi.

 My Access Login page: First, you must visit the My Access login page after opening the browser with the URL as A login screen will appear after seeing, where you have to input the Username and Password provided by the IT dept’s information security officer.

 Plugin installation: Then, you have to install the Citrix XenApp plugin on that computer correctly. Next time you use another computer to access it, you have to install this plugin on that computer.
 My Access applications: Finally, you will see MyPal and GroupWise on the screen for immediate access as a regular employee.

Palmetto Health team member/ employee discount advantage
Palmetto Health provides a team member discount advantage program for team members or employees. Employees can have an edge on goods, services, and recreation by presenting a Palmetto Health employee ID or identification badge.
There is some example of providing discount advantage by Palmetto Health:
 Child Care: You can enjoy 10% off tuition at Sunshine House.
 Education: The team members have 15% off tuition at the Chamberlain College of Nursing.
 Gym Membership: You will be able to enjoy a deduction of $13 per pay for the YMCA of Columbia.

Palmetto Health employee Email Login:
Palmetto Health provides unique employee Email IDs to each of all the employees. Employees can Sign in to that Email id with the username and password provided by the information security officer of Palmetto Health by visiting the outlook web app on

What Type of Employee benefits are provided by Palmetto Health?
Benefits for employees are significant for the improvement of any company. Palmetto Health provides some attractive and exceptional benefits for employees. Palmetto Health always appreciates the opinions of employees and knows their needs. The providing benefits are as follows
1. Medical Plans, 10. Education Tuition Assistance
2. Dental Plan 11. Flexible Spending Account
3. Vision benefits 12. Health Savings Account
4. Paid Time Off 13. Longevity Bonus
5. Travel for free to Columbia 14. Life Insurance
6. Backup Family Care 15. myHealth Rewards
7. Disability Plan 16. Palmetto Health Credit Union
8. Discount Advantage Program 17. Paid Bereavement Leave
9. E-Care 18. Retirement Savings Plan

How to Enroll Palmetto Health Benefit Program
For new employees, there are four steps for Benefits Enrollment.
 Step 1: Considering Benefits: First, you must understand your benefit design before enrolling. You have to choose the benefits you want to enjoy within 30 days from the hire date.

 Step 2: Enrolling: To register, you have to visit And Log in here with your Employee ID and the Last four digits of your Social Security Number as your password. Then you have to follow the instructions and print a copy of the confirmation of your enrollment.

 Step 3: Reviewing the myHealth Reward Program: All employees can enjoy discounts on their medical plan contributions through the myHealth Rewards Program. Health Insurance Premium Discount will automatically get all the new employees in the first 90 days. And if you want to enjoy those discounts after 90 days, you have to participate in the Health Management Program and answer the questionnaire about online Health.

 Step 4: Starting saving for your Future: When you are a qualified team member, then you can earn a dollar from your contributions to Palmetto Health. By the way, you can make about 3.5% of your biweekly pay, and yearly it can be an amount of up to $18,000.

How to pay the Palmetto Health bill?
There are two ways to pay the bill of Palmetto Health-USC Medical group online.
 Bill Pay
 Hospital Quick Pay

Bill Pay:
In this way, you have to pay your bill using a computer because this site needs flash, and it may not be browseable through a mobile device. So, to pay your account, you have to browse the Palmetto Health site. You have to follow the directory from the home of the website as Patient/Guest>Patient>BILLPAY. Then you have to Enter the Bill Pay option and follow some instructions.
 If you are new, set up your account from the New User option by providing helpful information and following instructions.
 Then you have to log in with your email address as username and password (Password will be reset after login).
 Then you can pay your bill by following the instructions between 8.30 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

Hospital Quick Pay:
If you want to complete your payment using a mobile device, you can follow this option because this site is mobile device friendly. And To pay your bill, you have to browse the Palmetto Health website, follow this directory as Patient/Guest>Patient>BILLPAY and then go to the Hospital Quick Pay option.
This option is for a one-time payment on the Hospital account. Palmetto Health USC Medical Group does not accept this way.
*** Patient’s Date of birth and Hospital’s account number input is mandatory for paying in this way.

Palmetto Health employee portal Login
Palmetto Health Group has an employee portal where are different information about employees. Employees can learn about different benefit designs, various discount programs, and other company-related news. The portal URL is Employees can log in here with the Employee ID provided by Palmetto Health and the Last four digits of their Social Security Number as a Password.

Palmetto Health Pay Stubs

Palmetto Health Group uses a paperless-pay (my stub) portal where electronic pay advice is available. Employees can view and print their pay advice online at any time. The my-estub Portal URL is Employees can log in here with a username and password. Your user name will consist of YMCA + your employee ID + 1st four later of your first name. For example, if your name is Valencia Sumter, and your employee id is 865475, then your user name is YMCA 865475VALE, and the password is YMCA001 for new users.

Palmetto Health W2
Your W2 will be available online in the last week of January of each year. To obtain an online copy of your W2, visit Employees can log in here with a username and password. Your user name will consist of YMCA + your employee ID + 1st four later of your first name. For example, if your name is Valencia Sumter, and the employee id is 865475, your user name is YMCA 865475VALE, and the password is YMCA001 for the new users.

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