Big Y General & HR FAQ

Big Y Supermarket:
Big Y is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, running by the brand name “Big Y World Class Market” or “Big Y Supermarket.” This Supermarket is family-oriented, providing world-class retail foods and delivering foods to the customer’s home. Big Y runs a business at 77 locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut in the United States. Big Y serves different divisions such as Big Y new & acres, Big Y Pharmacy & wellness, Big Y Table & Vine, Big Y Express, etc. It was founded in 1936 to conquer its customers’ expectations and always seek the best ways to deliver and serve the best foods. In 2005, Forbes added Big Y among the top 500 world-class private companies. Based on customer satisfaction and employee engagement Big Y got the NBRI Circle of Excellence Award in 2014.

Big Y Bakery:
Big Y Supermarket has many departments, and the bakery is one of them. Big Y bakery’s environment is warm, full of fresh-baked scents from ovens. Bakery products are spicy and full of a yeasty aroma that fills people’s minds with taste. Big Y bakery has some unique items such as Pittsfield Rye, Lyman orchard’s Pies, Gourmet Filled Cupcakes, Different cake slices, Desserts, and many more.

Big Y Pharmacy:
Big Y has some services for the customers. Pharmacy is one of them. Every Big Y Pharmacy has professional, licensed, and experienced pharmacists to consult with customers about their health conditions, prescriptions, and other medical concerns. They help the customers by informing them about their health conditions and inspiring them about what to do. Big Y Pharmacy has different vaccinations, and customers can get them according to their needs without prescriptions. Besides these, they also help the customers with what prescriptions they need following their previous medications. Overall, Big Y Pharmacy plays a significant role in health service for the customers with information, expert consultation, and what benefits the customers need.

How many are Big Y stores in the U.S.?
First, Big Y was founded in Chicopee, Massachusetts, but now it is the largest supermarket chain in New England, the U.S.A. Big Y has 77 stores in different locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and most of them are Big Y world-class Markets. Two food and liquor stores are known as ‘Big Y Table and Vine’, and two drugstores are known as Big Y Pharmacy and wellness center.

Does Big Y accept Apple Pay?
Yes, nowadays, Big Y accepts apple pay payments in all stores. Apple pay is easy and more secure for apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and apple watch users. Customers can pay through iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad air 2, iPad mini3, apple watch, and new releases.
For payment, there is no need to open an application. Customers need to hold the iPhone or iPad close to the reader and touch on the touch I.D. Then the device will ring a beep with a subtle vibrate to inform that the payment is complete.
And apple watch users have to double click on the side button, and then the watch display has to hold to the reader. Then it will confirm the payment by ringing a beep.

Do extensive y cash payroll checks?
Yes. There are some cash payroll check policies.
 Big Y accepts cash by check for purchases.
 Big Y agrees with the highest five checks per week and the highest two checks per day.
 The amount limit for new customers is up to the exact $250.
 There is no check for cashback for new customers.
 After cashing the first personal check, new customers will get standard check cashing benefits of 30 days.
 The fee for all return checks is about $20.
 The price is free for purchases up to the amount of $5.
 There is a needed photo id for cashing Government and payroll checks.
Check cashing fees for Massachusetts: The cost for check cashing is 99¢.
Check cashing fees for Connecticut: The cost for check cashing is 50¢.
*** Big Y doesn’t accept two-party personal checks, Insurance drafts, Checks payable to cash, Money orders, Out of state checks, etc.

Employee benefits:
Big Y is a customer-oriented company. And the management of ‘Big Y’ believes that employees have to play a significant role in their policy. So they always think about employees’ benefits so that they can provide good service and behavior for the customers. Big Y offers different uses for employees and provides good benefits for part-time employees.
Benefits include health insurance, Dental insurance, 401k plan, vision, vacation and paid time off, sick days, Job training, etc.

Does Big Y pay weekly?
The Big Y payment policy is different from how you will get your payment or what will be the schedule that depends on supervisors and other stores where you work. It may be weekly or biweekly. But, typically, they pay weekly for hourly employees.

How to Access Pay Stubs Online?
It’s easy; go to and log in with your username and password. If you are a new user, complete the registration process first. See your E.S.R. for the registration passcode.

How to Access W2 Online?
Your W2 will be posted at the A.D.P. self-service portal in the last week of January. To avoid late delivery, retrieve it online, which is available at

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