Living peoples around the world are born with different personalities. It is almost impossible to find out two people around the whole world with same personalities. They may be almost same in different cases but not exactly same with each other. So, every people around the world is incomparable according to personalities. And personality is a thing that makes a man unique and unparalleled.

Now if I want to say something about me then it will be very hard. Because I think and as well as you will be agreed with me that people knows very well about himself of every aspects of life and for that reason it is quite difficult to start about expressing own.

I am MTI (nickname). I am 23 years old and I am a fresh graduate on BSc in Software Engineering. I have a younger sister and we two are the only children of my parents.

I am such a kind of person who can take every aspects of life as positive. I always like to be a self-dependent person. In different stages of my small life I have faced different situation and learnt many things. Those make me to think about reality and push me to be a self-dependent person.

I am also a responsible person. In my student life I have done almost all my duties with proper responsibility. Now I am thinking about my future, my family, my relative etc. Besides that I am a sympathetic person. I always like to help those people who actually needs. Sometimes I became selfish depending on situation.

I always like to travel in different places because, Traveling is my hobby. Besides this I try to write in my leisure time. I also like to listening music, watching drama and movies, making gossip with friends, thinking about something new and making experiments, eating different kinds of foods etc.

This is a short description about myself. In a word, I am nothing but a simple man living with some dreams and trying to fulfill in my life.