How to Apply for Federal Money/PPP- Impact of COVID-19

The federal government announced a bailout/stimulus package/PPP loans of $350 billion for small-businesses to fight the impact of COVID-19. The money from the package are forgivable loans. According to federal data, there are nearly six million of small businesses with 1-500 employees. The federal money will be help the owners to keep their doors open and wages for their employees.

How to Apply-

If you are eligible (a small-business that employs 500 employees or fewer, sole proprietors, independent contractors, gig economy workers, and self-employed individuals) for PPP loan, you’ve to apply though the Disaster Loan Assistance program by SBA (small business administrator) before the end of September 2020. The money will be arrived as soon as possible (it will takes one or two weeks following the application date). Therefore, if you are ready to apply- follow the following steps-

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the ELIGIBLE ENTITY VERIFICATION (Disclosure) and click on Continue.
  3. Enter your Business information with star mark field. Click on Next.
  4. Enter the Business Owners Information then click on Next.
  5. Fill-up the additional information asked into the next step and click on Next.
  6. The next step will be show the summary of your application, if need correction- you may go to the back steps. If ok, confirm your application.

For more information, please visit your local SBA (small business administrator) office. Need additional help, please leave a comment at below.      

Cedar Fair Pay stubs & W2

Nowadays, employees and potential employees of different companies can access their organizational data like payroll, tax-related, personal and contact information according to their need via the online payroll portal. In this digital era of encouraging employee resourcefulness, online portals are becoming more essential to the different sizes of industries.

I have arranged this article for the Cedar Fair employees to help with the proper information for getting access to the MyHR self-service portal to explore the payroll and tax-related information and documents like paystubs, direct deposit, and yearly W-2 Statements.

Log In Process

For getting access to the Cedar Fair MyHR portal, navigate to

Old users can log in directly from the log in page providing the User ID and Password.

But new or first time users have to the follow some steps for accessing the desired data and documents.

Step 1: First time login: New users have to complete the first time login providing generic credentials as username and password. Your username is Cedar Point ID Number and password is 2 Digit of Birth Month + 2 Digit of Birth Day + Last 4 of Social Security Number (SSN) following the format: MMDDXXXX. Example: Your birth month is October, Birthdate is 31 and SSN is 123456789. So, the password is 10316789.

Step 2: Create your own unique password: After your first-time log in you have to create your unique password from the appearing password creating screen following on-screen prompts and requirements.

If you forget your password at any time then recover your password following “Forgot your password?” hyperlink submitting your User ID and Email address. If you need any help then please contact the Cedar Fair Human Resources Office.

Step 3: Verify your personal contact information: Now, you have to view and verify your personal information, contact information and emergency contacts following the on-screen instructions.

W2 Statements:

If you want to receive your w2 statements electronically through this portal then you must have to authorize by electing w2 receiving option digitally on this portal by December 1st. Then the authority will post your W2 statement in January of the following year. You will receive a paper copy of your w2 statement if you have missed authorizing for receiving your W-2 electronically.

You have to contact the Cedar Fair Human Resources Office if you need a duplicate copy of your W2 statement.


Disclaimer: The Cedar Fair and the Cedar Fair logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

Bridgestone Pay stub & W2

Bridgestone Corporation is the largest auto and truck parts manufacturer across the world which is using the MY HR Portal for the employees to distribute the pay stubs and w2 statements. Being a proud employee of this great company you will be invited or registered on this portal by your employer for getting access to your personal, contact, payroll and tax-related data and documents.

If you have not invited or registered till now, please contact your employer or HR Office because there is no self-registration process. You can just sign in and access your all data and documents.

How to Sign in?

After getting registered by your employer or payroll coordinator you can sign in following this process:

  1. Point to the login page using
  2. Enter your UID without including zeroes.
  3. Enter your Password (If you are first-time user then provide the default password provided by your employer otherwise provide your regular password).
  4. Click the Sign In button.

NB: First-time users may be prompted to change the default password, answer some security questions as well as provide some personal, contact and additional information.

Then you can explore and view your wanted data and can download or print the documents like pay stubs, w2 statements etc.

Reset Password: In the situation of resetting your password due to forgetting or expired password, you have to click the hyperlink below the sign-in option as “Click Here to Reset a Forgotten or Expired Password” and provide proper information according to the requirements like UID, MMDD of Birth Date (example: 0523 for 23 March), Last 4 digits of SSN (Social Security Number), PIN, New Password and confirm password entering again.

Here the password requirements are (a) case sensitive, (b) at least 8 characters long, (c) containing at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lower case letter 1 number and 1 special character.

Caution: For trying to sign in consecutive 4 times providing wrong UID and Password then your account will be locked automatically. In this situation, you have to contact the HR dept. using 855-873-6947 for unlocking your account.


Disclaimer: The Bridgestone and the Bridgestone logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Bridgestone Corporation.

Tufts Medical Center Pay stub & W2

Tufts Medical Center is one of the renowned academic medical institutions across the world having two full-service hospitals, one serving adults as Tufts Medical Center and another for serving children as Floating Hospital for Children are devoted particularly to all kinds of pediatric treatment. Its mission is to teach, learn and explore the knowledge for maintaining health and preventing diseases based on the patients and their families. They are always improving their quality of healthcare innovation and providing the best care and services.

Its policy is to provide the associates’ and employees’ paystubs and w2 statements electronically so that they do not face any difficulties for visiting the bank but the payments will be available to use on the payday via direct deposit through the Infor Lawson Portal.

Tufts Medical Center is using the Infor Lawson Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal so that the Human Resource information become trustworthy, complete and up to date.

Getting Started with the Infor Lawson Portal

Infor Lawson Portal URL:

  1. Navigate to the portal using the URL and login providing the same active directory credentials you are using for logging in the computer at work.
  2. Logging into the Infor Lawson Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal successfully, you can view and print your pay stubs and w2 statements clicking the particular icon located beside the option.
  3. If you click the “Paycheck” you will be prompted to log in to the paycheck website. Here, the login process is simple. Just provide the previous active directory credentials and click the login button.
  4. You will be able to view the list of available pay stubs and w2 statement for the current year after clicking the “My Paystubs” or “My W2” option located on the left side of the screen.
  5. For reviewing or printing your desired pay stub or w2 statement, please click the magnifying glass located beside the option.
  6. Then you will get a “Menu” at the top of the paycheck or w2 statement. Clicking the printer icon from the menu bar you can print your document selecting the particular printer and clicking the “Blue Print” button.

Disclaimer: The Tufts Medical and the Tufts Medical logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Tufts Medical Center.

Ocean State Job Lot Pay stub & W2s

You are an Ocean State Job Lot Inc. employee and you may be searching a well arranged article or guideline for getting access to the Doculivery Payroll Portal. So, don’t worry. You are at the right place here. This article will provide the proper guidelines for all the Ocean State Job Lot Inc. employees to log into the Doculivery Payroll Portal for getting access to the electronic payroll and tax-related documents. Please, follow all the instructions and highlighted steps properly.

Getting Started:

  1. First open your internet browser and point to the login screen of the Doculivery System using through your network-connected device.
  2. Now provide your User ID on the User ID text input field.
  3. Then provide your Password on the Password text input field.
  4. Click on the ‘Log In’ button.

If you are logged in successfully, then you will be able to see the main screen with different tabs. From the pay stub tab, you will be able to see a list of your pay stubs arranged by the date. If you want to check your pay stubs in details then click the view icon of a particular date.

But, if you are a first time user, then follow these steps carefully.

User ID: The first letter of your first name + your last name + the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). Example: rgreenle6789

Initial Password: The last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).

Initial Login: Complete your initial log in providing your user id and initial password from the log in screen.

Change Initial Password: Enter the Initial Password on the first text input box and old password on the second text input box and create your new and strong password following the requirements from the appearing screen.

You may answer some security questions, if the system asked and finally, save your all provided information and credentials with clicking on the Save Information button.

Set Up Your Notification Option:

You can set up the notification setting according to your own wish from the pay stub tab. Here is available the particular bar for setting up email or text message notifications on the right part of the screen.

View Your Pay stubs: From the pay stub tab, you will be able to see a list of your pay stubs arranged by the date. If you want to check your pay stubs in details with pay date, begin date, end date, Earnings, Deductions, Taxes, Direct deposit etc. then click the view icon of a particular date and can print from here also.

View your W2 statements: After setting up your W2 Delivery option, you can view and download your W2 statements from the W-2 option.

Disclaimer: The Ocean State Job Lot and the Ocean State Job Lot logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Ocean State Job Lot Inc. Please, try to follow all the steps are presented above with no second thought. For any confusion or more information about The Doculivery login process, the comment box is available for you. Thank you very much. If you like this article, please share with your friends who need it. Stay in touch with me for more useful information.