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Outback Steak House Pay Stubs & W2s

Outback Steakhouse is an international chain of restaurants that is serving different kinds of foods to everyone at moderate prices with maintaining quality. Basically this is an Australian themed restaurant based in United States with different kinds of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes as well as beef and verity of steak items. Now, this chain has more than thousands of locations in 23 countries across the world where employees serving the customers in casual, warm and welcoming environment.

Outback Steakhouse employees can receive their pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via OSI Connect at UltiPro Employee Self-Service Portal.

How to login?

Your Pay stubs and w2 statements are available at OSI connect – UltiPro – Employee self Service Portal (Link: You can get your pay stubs and w2 statements by follow the following steps.

Step-1: Initial Login: Navigating to the login page with the provided link, please enter your (If you are an old user) User Name and Password for logging in to the system to get your pay stubs and w2 statements.

New User? New users of this portal have to complete initial login to this portal. Please enter your User Name and Initial Password to complete this step. While you have started your job, your employer has provided your User Name [first two letters of First Name + last 5 numbers of SSN, example- er56789] and Initial Password. But if you are not provided at the time of starting your job then you have to collect your User Name and Initial Password from your payroll coordinator or HR office.

Step-2: Change Initial Password: You have to change your initial password after your initial login and you will be navigated to Initial Password changing screen automatically. You have to follow some requirements for creating your New Password. Requirements for your new password will be provided on the screen beside the password text field. You will be instructed by the system and you have to follow it properly.

Step-3: Challenge Questions: After changing your initial password again you will be navigated automatically on the challenge questions screen. You have to answer three questions so that you can use this feature for your security reasons as changing user name or resetting password in future. These answers are case sensitive and it is better to type your answers in a simple way so that you can remember easily.

Step-4: Personal UltiPro Screen: At the end, you will be navigated to your desired Personal UltiPro Screen. Your name and job title will be appeared on the screen. All personal information and documents are available here. You can view and manage your personal information, Documents, Company information, Job Summary and payment related information like Current Pay Statements, Pay History, Direct Deposit, Income Tax, W-2 etc.

Help: You can recover your forgotten password with Forgot Your Password? from log in page of Ultipro Payroll Portal. For recovering your password you have to provide your User name and Company access code (Know your company access code from your employer or HR office).

There is also available a phone call service for you. You can make a call at 800 555 5808 for any kind of payroll related problem you face.


BBI Connect / OSI Connect

SBUX Pay Stubs & W2s

SBUX employees may choose to receive their pay stubs and W-2 statement online. The online pay stubs are same of printed pay stubs and details the employee’s regular salary, how many hours worked in the pay period, additional compensation and others rolls to regular pay. The W-2 statements details the employee’s compensation and tax withholding amounts for the year. According to SBUX payroll office, electronic W-2 form are online on ADP. But the company annually sends W-2 statements by U.S. mail to the employee’s home address unless they have elected to Go Paperless to download it electronically through their web portal.

Printing Pay Stubs

You can view and/or print your pay stubs from MPI at

In order to access MPI for the first time, you have to set up a password for MPI. To set up your password, you will be asked your Partner Number, SSN and Date of birth.

To log in to MPI, enter your partner ID and password. If you have any issues logging in or need to unlock your account, you may call the Partner contact center at 206-318-6800 or 1-866-504-7368.

Once logged in, select Electronic Payment option under “Pay And Time Off

Click on “See Your Paystub” in the right column. Now you may print your pay stubs click on the printer icon in the PDF view.

Note: You have to choose the Login to Partner Info from Home (view only) option to access your pay stubs from home.

Printing W-2 Form

W-2 Forms will be available to view on ADP portal around January 25th. You may login to the with the same user ID and password you use in the last year. If you are first time in the ADP system, you have to complete the self-registration process. You will be asked the following information during self-registration-

  1. Registration passcode: starbucks-digitalw2
  2. Verified personal information from Capital One account or
  3. Partner ID, SSN, Date of birth etc.
  4. Select “W2 service”
  5. Select “Go Paperless” option to view and print your W-2 statement online.


MPI- My Partner Info


Insight Global

Now-a-days staffing companies are playing a great role with providing talents in different industries. Insight Global is such kind of company that is a premier provider of employment solutions in United States and Canada. Basically, Insight Global provides staffing in IT industries as well as accounts & finance, engineering, healthcare and government services. Insight Global runs business from 44 locations across the United States and Canada. This company was able to hold the top position of the fastest growing staffing companies for 10 consecutive years and 3rd largest staffing company for three consecutive years in America.

What does insight global do?
Fortune 500 companies are provided employment solutions by Insight Global mainly. Insight Global is providing more than 33,000 staffing to Fortune 500 corporations from 44 locations of 14 countries in North America. They are providing two types of services as staffing services and managed services. Staffing service fields are Information Technology, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Government services etc. Managed service fields are Business Process Outsourcing, Project and Portfolio Management, Training and Technology services as Enterprise Support, Software and Application Development, Digital Transformation etc. Their providing types are long term, short term, and temporary-to-permanent, placement staffing and enhanced staffing services. Basically they focus on long term relationship with the client organizations.

How much does insight global pay?






($ per year)


($ per year)


($ per year)

1 Recruiter 35,256 30K 45K
2 Account Manager 38,185 33K 41K
3 Technical Recruiter 32,500 30K 37K
4 Project Manager, IT 54,221 38K 75K
5 Placement Specialist 35,356 26K 49K
6 Compliance Specialist 35,149 26K 48K
7 Accounts Receivable Manager 57,176 44K 73K
8 Help Desk Team Leader 52,074 41K 68K
9 Account Executive 38,650 28K 56K
10 Senior Project Manager, IT 121,936 92K 159K
11 Senior Financial Analyst 60,986 47K 77K
12 Procurement Specialist 42,445 31K 57K
13 Senior Java Developer 91,069 71K 113K
14 Business Operations Specialist 41,817 32K 54K
15 Client Support Specialist 48,528 38K 62K
16 Employment Recruiter 33,195 25K 43K
17 Systems Administrator 110,964 95K 127K
18 User Experience Designer 59,784 43K 81K
19 Public Relations Manager 55,745 42K 73K
20 Senior Proposal Manager 126,064 92K 180K
21 Help Desk Engineer 45,166 36K 56K
22 Enterprise Architect, IT 151,709 118K 193K
23 Staffing Recruiter 31,672 24K 41K
24 Employee Relations Manager 59,757 44K 81K
25 Senior Applications Engineer 112,668 84K 148K
26 Billing Specialist 35,120 28K 45K
27 Help Desk Manager 54,696 42K 71K
28 Network Engineer 118,285 87K 154K
29 Accountant 47,962 38K 61K
30 Contract Specialist 34,923 26K 47K
31 Marketing Assistant 32,071 25K 42K
32 Account Coordinator 42,767 34K 53K
33 Project Manager 70,713 59K 85K
34 Software Developer 101,032 72K 137K
35 Staff Accountant 37,969 31K 48K

How many employees does Insight Global have?
In according to support the customer organizations Insight Global has more than 700 employees by different organizational designations at 44 locations of 14 countries in North America.

How to get a job at Insight Global?
After contacting with Insight Global the recruits will take enough time to take best decision for matching the suitable job according to applicant’s goal and skills. There are 5 steps to meet a job.
 Step-1: Browsing jobs you have to apply for a job or submit a resume.

 Step-2: Then you have to complete an interview over phone with sharing your experience and employment objectives.

 Step-3: In this step you have to complete a face-to-face interview with visiting the local branch.

 Step-4: Then you will get a notification a job will match with you and your employment objectives.

 Step-5: Finally you will be able to meet with your employer through your references for starting work.

How does Insight Global make money?
Insight Global is one of the leading staffing companies for Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Basically staffing companies make money in different ways. Insight Global also make money in different ways according to their contracts.

 They can make money with providing flexible or temporary staffing. They hire employees with a contract of hourly rate. Then they provide the employees in different client companies with a high hourly rate or a fixed rate. By the way staffing company like Insight Global can make money.

 Company can make money with direct placement. In this case company make a contact with that employee as he may pay up to 50% of his total salary within a certain time.

 Company can also make money with charging a flat fee for services. In this case company charge a fixed monthly fee till the target is filled.

Insight global employee benefits:
Insight Global provides some attractive compensation and benefits package to the employees so that the best people come to the company for job. Insight Global also thinks about the welfare of the employees so that the employees give the best performance for the welfare of the company.
 There are extra commission with base salary
 Health, Dental and vision insurance
 Short and long term disability insurance
 Voluntary term life insurance
 Expense account for spending with any company reason
 Car and cell phone allowance
 401 (k) plan
 Paid vacation, holidays and sick days off
 Free incentive trips

Insight global contract employee benefits
In Insight Global Company there are some different benefits for the contract employees.
 United healthcare provides medical service with different options in the national network
 MetLife provides dental insurance
 United healthcare provides vision insurance also
 Employees are provided flexible spending account
 There are 401 (k) plan with company matching
 All the contract employees get their payment with weekly basis
 There are direct deposit is available for all employees
 Employees can view and manage pay check through online system

Insight global HR phone number and office address
If you have any question regarding payroll or benefits information please visit your nearest branch office. You can also contact with benefits representative at 888-336-7463.
If you needed to contact with head office, the head office address is 4170 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Suite 250, Atlanta, GA 30319. Phone: 404-257-7900, Fax: 404-303-7343 or 404-257-1070

How to Access Insight Global W-2 Online?
W-2 form is wage and tax statement. It is an Internal Revenue Service tax form provided by employers to the employees in the United States for making sure about the wages paid to the employees and ensuring taxes withheld by them. Insight Global provides it to all the employees. To obtain your copy of W2 online, visit
Use this Registration Pass Code: INSIGHTGLO-ADPNET
Employers can file W-2 on SSA’s website

How to Access Insight Global Pay Stubs Online?
Inside global provides pay stubs to all employees online through ADP self-service portal. There is a registration process for new employee on ADP website. If you are returning user, no need to create account again, just login with your user ID and password. ADP self-service portal web address is Use this code INSIGHTGLO-ADPNET as Registration pass code for first time registration.

Palmetto Health Employee: Your Payroll & HR News is here

Palmetto Health is one of the best and most wide compact health care organizations in United States. It is based in the South Carolina Midlands region of U.S.A. This organization is working with a vision, “To be remembered by each patient as providing the care and compassion we want for our families and ourselves.” The team members, physicians and volunteers of Palmetto are providing different medical service with intensive care and compassion from different locations as Palmetto Health Baptist, Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge, Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, Palmetto Health Heart Hospital, Palmetto Health Richland, Palmetto Health Tuomey and Baptist Easley Hospital.

What does Palmetto Health do?
Basically Palmetto Health is a medical support organization. Besides it is also involved with some other programs. Almost 55% people of that region are getting different medical service from Palmetto Health such as Behavioral Care Services, Breast Center, Cancer Centers, Cardiac Services, Geriatric Services, Homecare and Hospice Services, Neuroscience, Orthopedics, Palmetto Health Counseling, Women’s Services etc. Some volunteer programs and medical related educational classes and events are also provided by Palmetto Health.
Per year
 About 1,000,000+ patients are provided health care.
 More than 7,000 new babies are coming in the world under their care.
 They are treating about 3,000+ cancer patients.
 Approximately 220,000+ patients are visiting Emergency Department.
 They are performing more than 40,000 home care visits.

How many employees Palmetto Health has?
For providing different kinds of health service and other programs there are totally more than 15,000 team members, physicians and volunteers. With these human resources Palmetto Health is playing a great role with performing health care for the midlands region peoples.

How to access Palmetto Health MyPal from home?
 If you are an employee or associated with company then you can access to MyPal otherwise you have to be approved by the information security officer.
 You must have an up-to-date computer with operating system as Windows or Mac with updated antivirus and security patch.
 Latest internet browser and Citrix XenApp plugin.
 You must have to a broadband connection not Wi-Fi.

 My Access Login page: First you have to visit My Access login page after opening the browser with the url as A login screen will be appeared after visiting where you have to input Username and Password provided by the information security officer from IT dept.

 Plugin installation: Then you have to correctly install Citrix XenApp plugin on that computer. Next time if you use another computer to access then you have to install this plugin on that computer also.
 My Access applications: Finally you will be able to see MyPal and GoupWise on the screen for basic access as a normal employee.

Palmetto Health team member/ employee discount advantage
Palmetto Health provide team member discount advantage program for the team members or employees. Employees can take this providing advantage on goods, services and recreation with presenting Palmetto Health employee ID or identification badge.
There are some example of providing discount advantage by Palmetto Health:
 Child Care: You will be able to enjoy 10% off tuition at Sunshine House.
 Education: There are 15% off tuition at the Chamberlain College of Nursing for the team members.
 Gym Membership: You will be able to enjoy a deduction $13 per pay for YMCA of Columbia.

Palmetto Health employee E-mail Login:
Palmetto Health provides unique employee Email id to each of all the employees. Employees can Sign in to that Email id with username and password provided by information security officer of Palmetto Health through visiting outlook web app on

What Type of Employee benefits provided by Palmetto Health?
Benefits for employees is very important for the improvement of any company. Palmetto Health providing some gorgeous and exceptional benefits for the employees. Palmetto Health always appreciate the opinions of employees and know the needs. The providing benefits are such as follows
1. Medical Plans 10. Education Tuition Assistance
2. Dental Plan 11. Flexible Spending Account
3. Vision benefits 12. Health Savings Account
4. Paid Time Off 13. Longevity Bonus
5. Travel for free in Columbia 14. Life Insurance
6. Backup Family Care 15. myHealth Rewards
7. Disability Plan 16. Palmetto Health Credit Union
8. Discount Advantage Program 17. Paid Bereavement Leave
9. E-Care 18. Retirement Savings Plan

How to Enroll Palmetto Health Benefit Program
For new employees there are 4 steps for Benefits Enrollment.
 Step 1: Considering Benefits: First you have to understand your benefit design before enrolling. You have to choose your benefits those you want to enjoy within 30 days from the date of hiring.

 Step 2: Enrolling: For enrolling you have to visit And Log in with here with Employee ID and Last four digits of your Social Security Number as password. Then you have to follow the instructions and finally print a copy of confirmation of you enrollment.

 Step 3: Reviewing the myHealth Reward Program: All the employees can enjoy discounts on own medical plan contributions through myHealth Rewards Program. Health Insurance Premium Discount will get automatically all the new employees at the period of first 90 days. And if you want to enjoy those discounts after 90 days then you have to participate in Health management Program and must answer the questionnaire about online Health.

 Step 4: Starting saving for family’s Future: When you are a qualified team member then you can earn dollar from your contributions to Palmetto Health. By the way you can earn about 3.5% of your biweekly pay and yearly it can be an amount of up to $18,000.

How to pay Palmetto Health bill?
There are two ways for paying bill of Palmetto Health-USC Medical group through online.
 Bill Pay
 Hospital Quick Pay

Bill Pay:
By this way you have to pay your bill using a computer because this site needs flash and it may not be browse-able through a mobile device. So, for paying your bill you have to browse the Palmetto Health site. Then you have to follow the directory from home of the website as Patient/Guest>Patient>BILLPAY. Then you have to go Enter Bill Pay option and follow some instructions.
 If you are new then set up your account from New User option with providing proper information and following instructions.
 Then you have to log in with email address as user name and password (Password will be reset after log in).
 Then you can pay your bill with following the instructions between 8.30 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

Hospital Quick Pay:
If you want to complete your payment using mobile device then you can follow this option. Because this site is mobile device friendly. And for paying your bill you have to browse Palmetto Health website and follow this directory as Patient/Guest>Patient>BILLPAY and then go to Hospital Quick Pay option.
This option is for onetime payment on Hospitals account. This way is not accepted by Palmetto Health USC Medical Group.
*** Patient’s Date of birth and Hospital’s account number input is mandatory for paying by this way.

Palmetto Health employee portal Login
Palmetto Health Group has employee portal where are different information of employees. Employees can know about different benefit design, various discount programs and other company related information. Portal url is Employees can log in here with Employee ID provided by Palmetto Health and Last 4 digits of Social Security Number as Password.

Palmetto Health Pay Stub
Palmetto Health Group is using paperless pay (my estub) portal where are electronic pay advice is available. Employees can view and print their pay advice online at any time. The my-estub Portal url is Employees can log in here with user name and password. Your user name will consist of YMCA + your employee ID + 1st 4 later of your first name. For example your name is Valencia Sumter and employee id is 865475 then your user name is YMCA 865475VALE and password is YMCA001 for new user.

Palmetto Health W2
Your W2 will be available online at the last week of January of each year. To obtain online copy of your W2, visit at Employees can log in here with user name and password. Your user name will consist of YMCA + your employee ID + 1st 4 later of your first name. For example your name is Valencia Sumter and employee id is 865475 then your user name is YMCA 865475VALE and password is YMCA001 for new user.

Big Y General & HR FAQ

Big Y Supermarket:
Big Y is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States which is running by the brand name as “Big Y World Class Market” or “Big Y Supermarket.” This Supermarket is totally family oriented and they are providing world class retail foods and also delivering foods to the customer’s home. Basically, Big Y is running business at 77 locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut of the United States. Big Y serving with different divisions as Big Y fresh & acres, Big Y Pharmacy & wellness, Big Y Table & Vine, Big Y Express etc. It was founded in 1936 with a goal that is to conquer its customer’s expectations and also always seeking best ways to deliver and serve the customers with best foods. In 2005, Forbes had added Big Y among top 500 world class private companies. Based on customer satisfaction and employee engagement Big Y got NBRI Circle of Excellence Award in 2014.

Big Y Bakery:
Big Y Supermarket has many departments. Bakery is one of them. Big Y bakery’s environment is warm, full of fresh baked scents coming from ovens. Bakery products are spicy and full of yeasty aroma that fills peoples mind with taste. Big Y bakery has some special items such as Pittsfield Rye, Lyman orchard’s Pies, Gourmet Filled Cupcakes, Different cake slices, Desserts and many more.

Big Y Pharmacy:
Big Y has some services for the customers. Pharmacy is one of them. Every Big Y Pharmacy has professional, licensed and experienced pharmacist for consulting with the customers about their health condition and prescriptions and other medical concern. They help the customers by informing about health condition and inspire them about what to do. Big Y Pharmacy has different kind of vaccinations. Customer can get them according to their need without prescriptions. Besides these they also help the customers about what prescriptions they need following their previous prescriptions. Overall Big Y Pharmacy is playing a great role on health service for the customers with information, expert consultation and what services the customers need.

How many Big Y stores are in US?
First Big Y was founded in Chicopee, Massachusetts but now it is the largest supermarket chain of New England of U.S.A. Currently Big Y has 77 stores in different locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Most of them are Big Y world class Markets. There are two food and liquor stores known as ‘Big Y Table and Vine’ and two drugstores known as Big Y Pharmacy and wellness center.

Does Big Y accepts Apple Pay?
Yes, now a days Big Y accepts apple pay payment in all stores. Apple pay is easy and more secure for the apple devices as iPhone, iPad and apple watch users. Customers can pay through iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad air 2, iPad mini3, apple watch and new releases.
For payment there is no need to open application. Customers need to hold the iPhone or iPad close to the reader and have to touch on the touch ID. Then the device will ring a beep with a subtle vibrate for informing that the payment is complete.
And apple watch users have to double click on the side button and then the display of the watch have to hold to the reader. Then it will confirm about the payment with ringing a beep.

Does big y cash payroll checks?
Yes. There are some cash payroll check policies.
 Big Y accepts cash by check for purchases.
 Big Y accepts highest five checks per week and highest two checks per day.
 Limit of amount for new customer is up to exact $250.
 There is no check for cash back for new customers.
 After cashing first personal check new customers will get standard check cashing benefits of 30 days.
 Fee for all return checks is about $20.
 Fee is free for purchasing up to amount of $5.
 There is needed a photo id for cashing Government and payroll checks.
Check cashing fees for Massachusetts: Fee for check cashing is 99¢.
Check cashing fees for Connecticut: Fee for check cashing is 50¢.
*** Big Y don’t accept two party personal checks, Insurance drafts, Checks payable to cash, Money orders, Out of state checks etc.

Employee benefits:
Big Y is a customer oriented company. And the management of ‘Big Y’ believes that employees have to play a great role for their policy. So they always thinks about employees benefits so that they can provide good service and behavior for the customers. Big Y provides different benefits for the employees. They also provide good benefits for the part time employees.
Benefits are such as Health insurance, Dental insurance, 401k plan, vision, vacation and paid time off, sick days, Job training etc.

Does Big Y pay weekly?
Big Y payment policy is different. How you will get your payment or what will be the schedule that is totally depend on supervisors and different stores where you work. It may be weekly or biweekly. But, normally they pay weekly for hourly employees.

How to Access Pay Stubs Online?
It’s easy, just go to and login with your user name and password. If you are new user, complete the registration process at first. See your ESR for registration pass code.

How to Access W2 Online?
Your W2 will be posted at ADP self-service portal in the last week of January. To avoid late delivery, retrieve online. It is available at