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Nowadays, staffing companies are playing a great role in providing talents in different industries. Insight Global is such kind of company that is a premier provider of employment solutions in the United States and Canada. Basically, Insight Global provides staffing in IT industries and accounts & finance, engineering, healthcare, and government services. Insight Global runs the business from 44 locations across the United States and Canada. This company held the top position of the fastest growing staffing companies for 10 consecutive years and 3rd largest staffing company for three consecutive years in America.

What does insight global do?
Fortune 500 companies are provided employment solutions by Insight Global mainly. Insight Global is providing more than 33,000 staffing to Fortune 500 corporations from 44 locations in 14 countries in North America. They are providing two types of services as staffing services and managed services. Staffing service fields are Information Technology, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Government services, etc. Managed service fields are Business Process Outsourcing, Project and Portfolio Management, Training and Technology Services as Enterprise Support, Software, and Application Development, Digital Transformation, etc. Their providing types are long term, short-term, temporary-to-permanent, placement staffing, and enhanced staffing services. Basically they focus on long-term relationships with the client organizations.

How much does insight global pay?









($ per year)



($ per year)



($ per year)

2Account Manager38,18533K41K
3Technical Recruiter32,50030K37K
4Project Manager, IT54,22138K75K
5Placement Specialist35,35626K49K
6Compliance Specialist35,14926K48K
7Accounts Receivable Manager57,17644K73K
8Help Desk Team Leader52,07441K68K
9Account Executive38,65028K56K
10Senior Project Manager, IT121,93692K159K
11Senior Financial Analyst60,98647K77K
12Procurement Specialist42,44531K57K
13Senior Java Developer91,06971K113K
14Business Operations Specialist41,81732K54K
15Client Support Specialist48,52838K62K
16Employment Recruiter33,19525K43K
17Systems Administrator110,96495K127K
18User Experience Designer59,78443K81K
19Public Relations Manager55,74542K73K
20Senior Proposal Manager126,06492K180K
21Help Desk Engineer45,16636K56K
22Enterprise Architect, IT151,709118K193K
23Staffing Recruiter31,67224K41K
24Employee Relations Manager59,75744K81K
25Senior Applications Engineer112,66884K148K
26Billing Specialist35,12028K45K
27Help Desk Manager54,69642K71K
28Network Engineer118,28587K154K
30Contract Specialist34,92326K47K
31Marketing Assistant32,07125K42K
32Account Coordinator42,76734K53K
33Project Manager70,71359K85K
34Software Developer101,03272K137K
35Staff Accountant37,96931K48K

How many employees does Insight Global have?
According to support, the customer organizations Insight Global has more than 700 employees by different organizational designations at 44 locations in 14 countries in North America.

How to get a job at Insight Global?
After contacting Insight Global, the recruits will take enough time to make the best decision for matching a suitable job according to the applicant’s goal and skills. There are 5 steps to meet a job.
 Step-1: Browsing jobs, you have to apply for a job or submit a resume.

 Step-2: Then, you have to complete an interview over the phone by sharing your experience and employment objectives.

 Step-3: In this step, you have to complete a face-to-face interview with visiting the local branch.

 Step-4: Then, you will get a notification that a job will match you and your employment objectives.

 Step-5: Finally, you will be able to meet with your employer through your references for starting work.

How does Insight Global make money?
Insight Global is one of the leading staffing companies for Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Basically, staffing companies make money in different ways. Insight Global also make money in different ways according to their contracts.

 They can make money by providing flexible or temporary staffing. They hire employees with a contract at an hourly rate. Then they provide the employees in different client companies with a high hourly rate or a fixed rate. By the way, staffing companies like Insight Global can make money.

 The company can make money with direct placement. In this case, the company makes contact with that employee as he may pay up to 50% of his total salary within a certain time.

 The company can also make money by charging a flat fee for services. In this case, the company charges a fixed monthly fee until the target is filled.

Insight global employee benefits:
Insight Global provides some attractive compensation and benefits packages to the employees so that the best people come to the company for a job. Insight Global also thinks about the employees’ welfare so that the employees give the best performance for the welfare of the company.
 There are extra commission with a base salary
 Health, Dental, and vision insurance
 Short and long term disability insurance
 Voluntary term life insurance
 Expense account for spending with any company reason
 Car and cell phone allowance
 401 (k) plan
 Paid vacation, holidays, and sick days off
 Free incentive trips

Insight global contract employee benefits
In Insight Global Company, there are some different benefits for the contract employees.
 United healthcare provides medical service with different options in the national network
 MetLife provides dental insurance
 United healthcare provides vision insurance also
 Employees are provided flexible spending account
 There are 401 (k) plan with company matching
 All the contract employees get their payment every week
 There are direct deposit is available for all employees
 Employees can view and manage paycheck through an online system

Insight global HR phone number and office address
If you have any questions regarding payroll or benefits information, please visit your nearest branch office. You can also contact with benefits representative at 888-336-7463.
If you needed to contact with head office, the head office address is 4170 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Suite 250, Atlanta, GA 30319. Phone: 404-257-7900, Fax: 404-303-7343 or 404-257-1070

How to Access Insight Global W-2 Online?
The W-2 form is a wage and tax statement. It is an Internal Revenue Service tax form provided by employers to the United States employees for making sure about the wages paid to the employees and ensuring taxes withheld by them. Insight Global provides it to all the employees. To obtain your copy of W2 online, visit
Use this Registration Pass Code: INSIGHTGLO-ADPNET
Employers can file W-2 on SSA’s website

How to Access Insight Global Pay Stubs Online?
Inside global provides pay stubs to all employees online through ADP self-service portal. There is a registration process for new employees on the ADP website. If you are a returning user, no need to create an account again; log in with your user ID and password. ADP self-service portal web address is Use this code INSIGHTGLO-ADPNET as a Registration passcode for first-time registration.

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