Froedtert Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Froedtert Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

In keeping pace with the modern era, there has been a massive change in the healthcare sector everywhere, taking shape in a new dimension. The expansion of technology-based healthcare systems away from traditional healthcare is now visible worldwide, and everyone is enjoying some benefits. When seeking healthcare, patients’ first desire is to receive services comfortably. Nowadays, various healthcare providers are competing to provide comfortable healthcare to patients with modern technology in an affordable manner. Wisconsin-based Froedtert Health System has been providing innovative patient care for more than four decades and supporting clinical education and medical research for students and residents of the Medical College of Wisconsin. Presently it operates through more than 2000 physicians spread over forty-five health centers in eleven locations. All physicians, nurses, staff, and other employees associated with Froedtert have the Infor MyHR Self-Service Portal for managing HR data and payroll, based on the functionality of Talent Management and Lawson Self-Service, with intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface. Froedtert’s HR Department has made it easy and hassle-free to get employment-related news, notices, benefits, internal job postings, Pay Stubs, and W2 Statements for approximately fifteen thousand employees using this digital portal.

Access Your Froedtert Pay and Tax Statements at the Infor MyHR Self-Service Portal

It is a centralized self-service portal for all employees of Froedtert where they can sign in and access all necessary and used applications. To sign in, first, check your device’s internet connection, open a browser, and navigate to this MyHR link. Here you will see two sign-in options: “Cloud Identities” and “FROEDTERTHEALTH_PRD.” You have to sign in by clicking on the “FROEDTERTHEALTH_PRD” option, and since you always have to sign in through it, you can click on the check box of “Remember my authentication mode.”

  • Now you will see the Single Sign On (SSO) page of Microsoft, and from here, input your Network User ID and Password and complete the sign-in by clicking the “Sign In” button. You will get this Network User ID and Password from Froedtert Health’s employer or your manager. Once the sign-in is completed successfully, you will see the icons of Infor CloudSuite, Infor Global HR, etc. apps from the “Homepage” screen. You can reach your desired MyHR Dashboard as an employee role by clicking on the Infor Global HR icon.
  • MyHR Dashboard: MyHR Dashboard’s interface is organized into three main sections. The “Quick Access Icons” section is the display area of the Dashboard where there are shortcut icons of various options, and you can visit that specific option with just one click. The “Top Menu Bar” section is located at the top and contains all the portal menus. “Help and Contact Information” is located on the left part of the Dashboard. You will find links to various necessary help resources and Froedtert’s different essential contact numbers relevant to you.
  • Pay Stubs and W2 Statements: Clicking on the “Compensation” menu from the “Top Menu Bar” will expand options like Compensation Overview, Pay Checks, Year to Date, Tax Withholding, Payment Modeling, etc. Click on the “Pay Checks” option to get details of your latest Pay Check or Pay Stub. The “Year to Date” option has W2 Statement, which can be viewed in detail by selecting a specific year.
  • Help: If you have faced any problem while updating any of your information or exploring a document, then talk to the contact number of the HR Service Center in the “Help and Contact Information” section on the left side of the MyHR Dashboard or share the problem by email. And share that with us in the comment box below. We will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: The Froedtert and Froedtert logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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