Covelli Pay Stubs and W2s

How to Access Covelli Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Founded more than six decades ago, Covelli Enterprises started its business by adding a manufacturing company to an open market. After gradually owning and operating over fifty McDonald’s restaurants, none are currently owned by the Covelli family. Covelli Enterprises now operates the Panera Bread franchise with more than three hundred restaurants in eight states. Covelli Enterprises also owns O’Charley’s, Dairy Queen, and Oath Pizza franchises. Ranked among the top ten franchises in America’s restaurant industry, Covelli Enterprises is renowned for top-rated restaurant management, cleanliness, and exceptional customer service. The four brands of restaurants here have different food menus and offerings but are managed following the same operating premise while maintaining the dignity and respect of customers and employees. The Covelli family has always considered the choices and dislikes of the employees and has made the company a well-run, philanthropic, and respected company by providing them with various opportunities. Covelli Enterprises developed an online portal called Covelli Enterprises Management Reports to manage employee employment data and reports where all employees can explore their Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. Now let’s try to access Covelli Enterprises Management Reports and see how to set up an account for the first time.

  • First, go to the “Home Page (” of Covelli Enterprises Management Reports and click on the “Log In” hyperlink at the top right corner. Now you will see the login panel in the display area where you have to “Log In” by providing your account information (Username and Password). Your account information will be mailed to you by the HR department of Covelli Enterprises.
  • The username of Covelli Enterprises employees will be Store Number by adding the last five digits of their SSN. Example: Employee “E” has store number 1234, and the last five digits of his SSN are 56789. So, the username of “E” will be 123456789. And you need to know your password personally. Contact Carrie Dahmen or Jennifer Fell in the HR Department if you need direct assistance with your Username and Password. Carrie Dahmen’s email address is, and Jennifer Fell’s email address is
  • If your login attempt is successful, you will reach the Covelli Enterprises Management Reports dashboard. If the system gives any instructions to set up your account here (you may need to update account information or fill in forms after the first login), follow them correctly.
  • Pay Stubs: To view your Pay Stubs, find the “Pay Stubs” option in the main menu from the Covelli Enterprises Management Reports dashboard. Click on the “Pay Stubs” option, and you will get the list of all Pay Stubs related to your Covelli Enterprises. Then clicking on any Pay Stub will open, and detailed information will be available.
  • W2 Statements: The “W2” option is available in the main menu to view your W2 Statements. Clicking on the “W2” option will give you a list of W2 Statements for all years related to your Covelli Enterprises. Then click on any W2 Statements it will open and get detailed information.
  • Help: There is no direct link to recover or reset your account information, Username, or Password if you forget it. However, you can know it by contacting the email address of the HR department mentioned above. One way to reset the password is to try logging in with the wrong password several times from the login panel. And then, the Covelli Enterprises Management Reports system will prompt you to reset the password. In this case, your username must be input correctly.

Disclaimer: The Covelli Enterprises and Covelli Enterprises logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Covelli Enterprises, Inc.

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