CDS Texas (CDCN) Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access CDS Texas (CDCN) Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

CDCN (Consumer Direct Care Network) specializes in providing all types of care to people with disabilities of any age and adults in their community at home. But here, consumers can choose who will take care of them and how they want to get their service. To put it bluntly, consumers can manage everything under their control by staying at home with their relatives, maintaining the freedom they want, and choosing their caregivers. In this case, CDCN (Consumer Direct Care Network) will take care of the financial management services of the consumers. The organization always allows all employees, including caregivers, to explore the pay stubs and w2s via the ADP employee self-service payroll portal. The process here is simple and automated; all users can access it anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Each person’s energy and capacity are valued at CDCN (Consumer Direct Care Network). This organization supports strong bonds within the community very well because community organization is a great privilege and helps build a healthy, happy community by contributing to consumers’ health.

Access your Pay Stubs & W2s

  • Employees get detailed information about tax and payroll, including pay stubs, pay history, and W2s of employees working in different companies or organizations, through the Employee Self-Service Portal. ADP is one employee self-service portal through which all CDCN (Consumer Direct Care Network) employees have access to all employment-related information and documents.
  • This ( is the access link to the ADP portal. Here you can usually access it with your user ID and password. However, in case of first-time access, you must complete the registration for an account. If you are a new employee of CDCN (Consumer Direct Care Network), you must wait until you get the first paycheck before registering.

Registration Process:

  • To create an account on the ADP portal, navigate its login page ( and click the ‘Create Account’ option. The CDCN (Consumer Direct Care Network) will give you a registration code (condirhold-register) for the registration process, so the registration process will start by providing the CDCN’s registration code (condirhold-register) through the ‘I Have a Registration Code’ hyperlink. According to your Employment Record or Paycheck / Tax Statement, you must provide ‘Identity Info’ such as First & Last name, last four digits of SSN / EIN / ITIN, and date of birth. You will then need to complete identity verification. Here you can complete the verification process by your phone number or by answering a few identity questions. Here in the case of phone number verification, after inputting the number in the system, a code will be sent from that system to that number. The verification process will occur if you check the SMS on the phone and input the code into the system. If the code is not on the phone or is late, you can request the system to send another new code through the ‘Request a New Code’ option. Then by inputting your email address, you need to complete the contact info step. Finally, you need to create your account password following the terms and conditions of the system, and on the following screen, you will get your user ID, including ‘condirhold.’ Remember this well and log in from the portal’s login page to access your desired information and documents.
  • Your W2s will be mailed to your address by January 31st. You will also get access to the digital copy by logging in to the portal.
  • For Electronic W2s or Paperless Tax Statements, login to the portal, enter ‘Settings’ from the top right-hand corner, and turn on ‘Receive Paperless Tax Statements’ from ‘Go Paperless.’ Then review it well and click on ‘I Agree.’

Disclaimer: The CDCN (Consumer Direct Care Network) and CDCN logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Consumer Direct Holdings, Inc.

The information in this article is not an endorsement of ADP’s services by the Consumer Direct Care Network and is entirely informative.

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