CDS In Texas Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access CDS in Texas Pay Stubs and W2s online?

Suppose you have adult members in your household who cannot carry out their daily activities due to health problems. Or there are people with a mental disability in your home or community who need to hire a professional to provide services as an affordable alternative to care facilities. Again, for deaf-mute-blind members with various disabilities, you need a home-based or community-based service. In addition, you are looking for an organization to provide intensive and long-term nursing services to children under the age of 21, medical-dependent children, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who give you the freedom to choose or direct your choice. CDS in Texas is an organization that allows you to hire, train, manage and fire your employees as an employer in your own home. And this is the central theme of this company, called Consumer Directed Service. However, the exciting thing is that even if you are an employer here, you don’t have to worry about Employees’ pay stubs and w2s.

  • CDS in Texas has provided such services to consumers in Texas for over 17 years. First, you must choose any financial management agency like CDS in Texas and understand the basics of becoming an employer. With CDS in Texas, you can get all the support, including long-term payroll, federal and state tax files, quarterly and annual employment tax returns, etc.
  • Employees can clock in and out via an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. The Vesta® CDV ( system will automatically update the timesheet, which will be counted, and the employees will get paid on payday via direct deposit. Everyone associated with CDS in Texas can log in and check employment information, and that’s why the authority will provide the login credentials.
  • Employees who have not received their self-service login information will email the authority to The email body should include your full name, the last four digits of your social security number, your current address, and your contact number. Then the authorities must respond to you.
  • Employees under CDS in Texas who are involved with certain services outside the office, such as transportation or nursing, must send a timesheet to the office. Then, the payroll and tax-related process will be completed by the authority from the office.
  • Employees’ salaries are paid through a pay-card or paycheck in the bank subject to their timesheet in the semi-monthly system. If the payday is a holiday, the employees will get their salaries the day before. However, no one should submit a pay-card or paycheck to the bank before the due date as the bank is given a list of checks approved by the payroll department.
  • All employees are mailed a printed copy of W2s to their current address by 31 January. If anyone has not received W2s, please send a “W-2 Requests” email to this address ( Enter the subject line of the email (Need 2022 W-2) and enter the last four letters of your SSN, your full name, your employer’s name, your current address, and your contact number in the body.
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