How to Access CNRL Pay Stubs Online

The Canadian Petroleum industry’s CNRL stands for Canadian Natural Resources Limited, the largest independent crude oil producer, also known as Canadian Natural. With a staff of nearly ten thousand, the company is working together with fun and honesty by developing employee skills to create value for shareholders. Since its establishment in 1973, the company has become an effective and efficient operator on a long-term basis in a challenging economic environment, with health and safety as its core value, believing employees to be the key to its success. Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) is keeping pace with the modern era. At the same period keeping in mind the convenience of the employees by distributing pay stubs using modern technology, all employment, and tax-related information is updated through the Employee Self Service Portal.

Here all employees of CNRL are paid bi-weekly via automatic direct deposit into their bank accounts. CNRL’s policy is that payments are calculated at one-week intervals before payday until Friday, whereas in the case of PTOs, two-week intervals are included. In this case, the timecard of all employees must be approved by their respective employer or supervisor. If someone wishes to change the bank account provided at the time of receipt of their offer letter, they must contact the Administrator in the Payroll Department.

CNRL’s Payroll Department will mail a PDF document of Pay Stubs to the email address every two weeks. Everyone has to use a system-generated password (paystub) to open the document. Employees can access the Pay Stubs online through the MyHR Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal ( In this case, using an office computer or any other remote computer must use Citrix.

Here I am describing specifically the Sign-in process into the portal:

  • Procedure 1: Access from CNRL office Computer: From the Start menu, click on ‘MyHR ESS,’ enter your Network ID as the User ID, and press Enter. Then provide your Network password in the Password field and click the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • Procedure 2: Access with Citrix from CNRL office Computer: You can sign in with CNRL network ID and password by navigating to the sign-in page through the web browser directly through the portal link ( After signing in, you can access the CNRL Office Computer remotely by clicking on the ‘My Desktop PC’ link. Then follow Procedure 1 to get access to the desired pay stub.
  • Procedure 3: Access with Citrix from any remote computer: First, you must sign in with your CNRL network ID and password by navigating to the portal link ( through a web browser like Procedure 2. Then click on the Applications tab from the dashboard, enter the ‘MyHR ESS’ link and follow Procedure 1
  • Note: When this company hires you, your employer will provide CNRL network ID and password. If you have any doubts about the user ID and password or need to reset the password, don’t hesitate to contact the IS Client Support Line (403-517-7100).
  • View & Print your Pay Stubs: After reaching the portal’s dashboard, click on the ‘View your pay stub’ option and click on ‘Pay Stub Info’ under the ‘Row’ button to view detailed information. To print the document, you must first click the ‘Form’ button and convert it to printable format through the ‘Print’ option. Then follow this navigation (Recent Reports> View Job Status), select the desired pay stub, and complete the printing action following the on-screen instructions.
  • Canadian Tax Statement or T4 Statement is mailed on time to the address that employees provide on file when they join Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL). Suppose an employee changes the address for any reason or moves home after the termination of employment. In that case, he must contact CNRL so that the Payroll Department corrects his home address and the following document is reached correctly.

Disclaimer: The CNRL and CNRL logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL).

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