Wendy’s Pay Stubs & W2s

The fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s is a subsidiary of “The Wendy’s Company” based in the USA.  There are almost 6500+ restaurants under a franchise agreement. Different franchises use different payroll portals to manage and know about their pay stubs and W-2 statements. Here I will discuss various payroll portals of other franchises.

Primary Aim, LLC Pay Stubs & W2s

Primary Aim is a Wendy’s franchise. There are almost 70+ restaurants in different places like Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Primary Aim uses the ADP portal to know about benefits, maintain personal information, view their pay statements and W-2 statements, etc.

Access process to ADP payroll portal

As a Primary Aim employee, you can log in to this portal with your User ID and Password. If you forgot your User ID or password, you could recover it from this portal. But first, you must complete the following registration steps on this portal.

  1. As the Primary aim, employees go to https://workforcenow.adp.com/workforcenow/login.
  2. Click on the SIGNUP button.
  3. Enter the Registration Passcode and click on the Next button for the next step. Collect your registration passcode from your Employer.
  4. Click the Enter information option, input your First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Last four digits of SSN / EIN / ITIN, Birthdate, and reCAPTCHA verification, and click on Continue. If you have a Capital One account, you can import and verify your information, and for that, click on Send verified info from the capital one account option and sign in to your capital one account.
  5. Now create your User ID and Password and click Next.
  6. Then you will be provided some security questions, and you have to select and answer three questions from the drop-down list.
  7. Please read the terms and conditions, select I agree on the check box, and then click on the Register button.
  8. In the end, provide your valid and current contact information and activate contact devices with phone numbers and Email verification.

You can now log in to this portal with your User ID and Password to view and print pay and W-2 statements and maintain your personal information and other benefits.

Wendy’s FSMC Pay Stubs & W2s

Wendy’s FSMC uses the Evolution payroll service portal offered by Performance HCM (Human Consulting Management) to securely access pay statements, W-2 statements, benefits, and personal information. You will get this portal URL on Wendy’s website or four Employers (https://performancepayroll.evolutionpayroll.com/ess#/login).

Login process

You can log in to this portal with a username and password. But if you are a new user, you must complete the registration process. You can also recover your password (if you forgot) from the I forgot my Password or Forgot password option.

Registration process

  1. Go to portal URL: https://performancepayroll.evolutionpayroll.com/ess#/login.
  2. Click on New User Registration.
  3. Set up your credentials according to to screen instructions as Login Name, Password, Confirm Password and Provide Pay Information as Company Code (Know from your Employer), SSN (Social Security Number), Check number (From your recent pay stub), Current Total Earnings and click on Register Me button.
  4. Finally, you will be asked some security questions and provide an email address, then click Save.

Now you can view your pay statements, W-2 statements, and other information. And in the future, you will be able to log in with your Login Name/ User Name and Password.

Carolina Restaurant Group Pay Stubs & W2s

Carolina Restaurant Group’s employees have an accessible URL to UltiPro System. Employees can view/ print their pay and W-2 statements and manage their personal information and tax withholdings in this system after logging in with the user name and password.

How to Login

You can log in to this system with your user name and password but if you are a first-time user, then follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the system URL: https://e31.ultipro.com/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fDefault.aspx%3fAlias%3dWendy178&Alias=Wendy178
  2. Enter the username and password. User name: First initial of your first name + last name + last four digits of your SSN. Password: Your Complete SSN (Social Security Number). Then click on the Login button.
  3. After successfully logging into this system, you must change your initial password and follow the requirements: (i) Password length: 8-24 characters. (ii) Must contain a minimum of 2 upper cases, two lower cases, two numeric, and two unforgettable characters. (iii) Case sensitive, and no spaces or apostrophes are allowed.

Can you regain it from Forgot your Password if you forgot your password? The option below the login portion.

NB: If you face any problem or any query is needed, then you can contact me through email: payroll@classicburgers.com

Tar Heel Capital Pay Stubs & W2s

Tar Heel Capital Corporation has a different accessible version URL of the UltiPro Employee Self-Service portal. Because they are also using UltiPro’s Employee Self Service portal for their employees, they have available Pay and W-2 statements. They can edit (if needed) tax withholdings and other personal information.

Access to the portal

The portal URL for Tar Heel Capital employees is https://e13.ultipro.com/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f.

  1. Employees can get access to the portal with their User name and Password.
  2. But the first time, users have to log in with an initial username and password. Employees must know the Initial User name, Password, and any information or solution needed from the Tar Heel Help Center. Submit a request with correct information from the website’s Employee menu, and the URL is http://www.tarheelcapital.com/employee-information/.
  3. After initial login, users must change the initial password with proper requirements: (i) Password length: 8-24 characters. (ii) Must contain a minimum of 2 upper cases, two lower cases, two numeric, and two special characters. (iii) Case sensitive, and no spaces or apostrophes are allowed.
  4. Now you have to answer some challenge questions for your security reason because you may need to change your password in the fit employees can then can get access to the portal can view/ print pay statements, W-2 statements, and other payroll-related information in Personal Ultipro Screen by clicking on every different option.

Hoover Foods Pay Stubs & W2s

Hoover Foods, a franchisee of Wendy’s Company, is contracted with Paychex Inc. for taking payroll service for the employees. After getting access to mypaychex portal, being an employee of Hoover Foods, you will be able to find out information about your pay stubs and W-2 statements. So, you have to go to www.mypaychex.com and complete the registration process.

Registration Process

Go to mypaychex portal using the URL: www.mypaychex.com and click the Register button.

Step 1: Complete Security Check and click OK.

Step 2: Select Human Resources Online from the drop-down list and input Company ID: 0435 MA74, Username: Lower case First name initial+ Last name (If the system does not accept it, then make it unique by adding 1 or 2 at the end of user name) & Password: Upper case First name initial + Last name + Last four digits of SSN. And click on Verify Account to validate your information.

Step 3: Input your personal information as First name, Last name, E-mail address, Date of birth & Last four digits of your SSN according to instructions on the screen.

Step 4: Now create a unique username & password, select two security questions, and answer appropriately besides selecting a security image. For your username and password, follow the on-screen instructions properly.

Step 5: Click “Create Your MyPaychex Account” to save all information and complete your registration process.

Now you can log in to your MyPaychex account with your username & password. To launch the Paychex HR online website, you have to select Human Resources Online and image, and then you can view your pay and W-2 statements.

NB: You can make a call at (877) 281-6624 if you face any problem on the Mypaychex portal.

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    1. I need my W2 and I forgot my login information. I have enlisted in the service and do not have access to mail. Can you please help. I need to get my tax information together.


  2. I have been trying to get my w-2’s from the website and it keeps locking it out. Please send to my current address.

  3. My son Jonathen Dixon has not been paid (at all) since July 2020 due to clerical errors. It still has not been remidied and he has still to get paid. He worked at store 5607 until Hurricane Laura took it out. My next step is to get BBB or Attorney General involved.

  4. I need to know the name of the company that prints our checks I used to work for you guys in 2010

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