Surge Staffing pay stubs & W2s

Surge Staffing’s employees can be connected with the Avionte employee web portal through a specific accessible way for Pay stubs and W2 statements in several different ways. A company code needs to connect where company code is a three-character identifier, which can identify employees’ accounts under a specific company. You can get your company code from your employer, or as a Surge Staffing employee, you can get your access link from the Surge Staffing website below the home page from the “Get your W2” option.

When you click on this option, you will navigate to a new page, and from there, you have to click on the portal under the W2 Download option and navigate to another page. You will get a “Log in” choice and click on it. Now it will open a new window, and you will get your portal login page.

How to connect with the portal

First, know your username and password from your employer or HR coordinator. Then go to the web portal’ Login page link and log in to this portal by providing your login credentials like user name and password.

If you cannot access your account, then follow the following steps:

  1. Click on “Can’t access account?
  2. Provide accurate information according to your situation.
  3. If you forget your password, input your user name on the definite field and click on the Submit button. Then follow on-screen instructions properly.
  4. If you forget your user name, provide your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), and click the Submit button. Then follow on-screen instructions properly and provide further information if needed.
  5. After all, if you fail to access the portal, contact your employer or HR coordinator.

Pay Statements

You will find all your pay statements from beginning to present in the Paychecks option under the Pay History section. You can select how many pay statements you want to view on a single page from the top right corner of the screen using the drop-down menu under the Rows per page option. Here you can view check number, check date, gross, taxes, deductions, Net Amount, direct deposit, etc. You can explore more information about a paycheck by clicking on a check number under the check# column.

W-2 Statements

You can also get your W-2 statements under the Pay history section. You can view and print your W-2 reports by clicking on Print. But for this, you have to figure out how you want to get it. You can set up to receive a hard copy of your W-2 statements in your mail or electronically in your employee portal under the Pay history option from the eDocuments section or admin portal configuration. In the eDocuments section, you can set up by completing a W-2 consent form, or with admin portal configuration, you have to answer an employee interview question as “yes” for “Electronic W-2”.


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    1. I need my pay is all it’s been almost a month the email and password the hiring manager set up for me is useless

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