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Dear full-time and part-time team members of Walgreens family and all subsidiaries associates, welcome my present article. Here is the information you need to access your payroll information online. If you have already E-signed, do not retake any action. If you have not elected the electronic delivery options, Walgreens will mail the 2018 W-2 wages and tax statements no later than January 31st, 2019, as required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). According to the payroll office, W-2s will be mailed to the address on file (If you wish to update your mailing address, please contact your manager at your store or corporate office), and you must be allowed a week for your W-2 to arrive via US mail service.

Walgreens associates may access their pay statement and Form W-2 online using the myHR website. However, you must have an Authenticator ID and password to access this website. If you do not have the Authenticator ID and password, you need to contact your manager or ID administrator at your store or corporate office.

Access your Pay Stubs

  1. Log into the myHR website at http://employee.walgreens.com with your Authenticator ID and password.
  2. Select the About Me tab from your Home Screen.
  3. Click on Payroll under the About Me menu.
  4. To view your pay stubs, click Paychecks and enter your Key. Then you will see a list of pay statements, and you can view any of them and print them off.
  5. To view your tax statements, click on Taxes under Payroll.
  6. Select Online W2 and enter your Personal Key.
  7. Now you can view your year-end tax statement and print it off.

Former Employees: You have only 45 days of accessibility to the myHR website after your employment at Walgreens. You can download your document during this period. After 45 days, contact your former manager where you worked.

Need Help! You can call the payroll department at 1-847-527-5370 or email at W2Taxing@walgreens.com.


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16 thoughts on “Walgreens Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. im trying to look up my w2s and im a former employee i know longer work there and i dont know my id number/username

  2. I hope this site is not a scam because it now has all of my info when attempting to register then denying my input with a message stating the info entered does not match contact HR. This is my first time on this website. I would feel comfortable using an app for WALGREEN CO.from GOOGLE PLAY.


  4. When doing as instructed above, I am told my w-2 must be found in People Central… but there is no way for me to access it at home.

  5. We have not been able to access people central since August 2020 which is very frustrating. We are hoping that HR will send out w2s soon or help employees to be able to access site

  6. I am trying to verify employment through a tenants check stubs. My question is What is the first day worked on the first check stub for 2022. I am showing Pay period 12/23/21. Check date 01/12/2022. Does that mean the first date would have been 12/24/21?

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