United Supermarket Pay Stubs & W2s

If you want to access your pay stubs and W-2 statements online, then you can check www.Doculivery.com/UnitedFamilyPayroll to login. The Doculivery is a secure self-service web application that allows all the united family associates, including United Supermarket, United Express, Market Street, Amigos, and Albertsons Market, to view their pay stubs employment information on record with the United Family. If you experience any issues accessing your Doculivery account, you can contact the payroll department at 806-791-6308 or email to payroll@unitedtexas.com.

Logging On

As a Doculivery system user, you have an established unique user ID (which is the first letter of your first name and full last name plus the last four digits of your social security number) and password (the last four digits of your social security number) to gain access your account. When logging in the first time, a new password will be requested with a series of security questions. After answering the question and changing the temporary password, the screen will switch to the dashboard with a welcome message.

Click on Pay Stub, then view the icon under “Click to View.” You will be able to view and print out or email on the following screen.

Click on W-2, then view the icon to download as a password protected pdf file. The password of your W2 statement is your social security number without dashes.

The Doculivery system recommends to set up a message delivery option on the Messages tab to receive notification of important messages. The system also suggests that you always end your session by clicking the Log Out link located in the top right-hand corner.    

Note: If your account has locked out, contact your payroll department at 806-791-6308 or email to payroll@unitedtexas.com. The representative will be able to unlock your account.



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