Six Flags Pay Stubs, W2s & Employment Verification

Pay Stubs & W-2

Being an employee of Six Flags Company, you can access the ADP payroll system because Six Flags is a client company of ADP, and there is contact about taking payroll service from ADP. To get access, you must first complete the registration process, and then you can log in to the portal. To complete the registration process, you will need a registration passcode, which you can collect from your payroll administrator. Then you can manage or update your information when you need it. You can check your Pay and W-2 statements, update information about marriage, new child, address, contact information, etc. You will get your W-2 notifications for each year at the end of the following January. If you need any change or update on W-2 statements, you can easily do it in this portal.

Registration process:

As a new employee, if you have to follow several steps for completing the registration process in the ADP payroll portal.

Step 1: Browse the Registration link: and click the Register Now button to navigate the Registration process.

Step 2: Provide a Registration Passcode to start the Registration process. You can collect the Passcode from your payroll administrator.

Step 3: Provide personal information like First name, Last Name, Social Security Number (SSN)/ Employer Identification Number (EIN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), Date of Birth, reCAPTCHA verification, and click Continue to step next.

Step 4: Create a User ID and Password and click Next to continue.

Step 5: In this step, there are some Security questions, and you have to select a minimum of three questions and answer them. Besides, there will be requested to read the terms and conditions and click on CheckBox. Then click the Register button to complete registration.

Step 6: Finally, provide Contact information, activate the device, and complete Email verification.

Note: If you have a Capital One account, you can import information for registering in ADP. After providing the registration passcode and selecting the option as Send verified info from the capital one account, you can import data. You can import it after Signing in to your capital one account with the user name and password from here.

Employee Verification

You may need to verify your Six Flags employment at any time to any organization for job issues, Government agency for tax or other issues, etc. Then you can verify your career under the True Work verification portal at this URL: It is necessary to verify your employment to provide Your Information and Employee Information like Name, Company Name, Contact Email, and Social Security Number, and select the purpose of verification. Besides these, you must provide an Employee authorization form to verify your employment fast. Otherwise, it may be a matter of delay for about two weeks.

[N.B. True Work will charge $20 for your employment verification.]


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  1. Hi my name is teshauna I need to know how to get my W2 form I quit six flags right before closing so I can’t get into the ultipro for employees so please lmk

  2. I need my sixflags employee paystubs for the last 30 days please I’m not able to access my ukg

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