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Select Staffing Pay Stubs & W2s Online

Select Staffing is a workforce specialist company in the USA. I hope that you will enjoy your job with Select or its associates. The present article will discover how to access pay stubs and W2s online of Select Staffing, Select Truckers Plus, Select Medical Staffing, Remedy Intelligent Staffing, RemX Financial Staffing, RemX IT Staffing, RemX OfficeStaff, RemX Engineering, RemX Scientific, RemX Search & Placement, and Westaff. However, if you are folk, you can now access your payment information (also known as Paystub) online, by phone, or via Email. This is not hard for existing folks, but it is too hard for new folks. By Federal law, your w2s must be postmarked by 31st January each year to your home address as posted in the Payroll System. You must have contacted your local office before 31st December if you changed your address. You may also access your w2 via the paperless employee associates portal, where you view your previous year’s w2s over the internet. The paperless employee portal will allow you to access your W2 immediately.

Access Pay Stubs

Select has been connected with Comdata. With Comdata, you will immediately access the Comdata cardholder portal to view and print your current pay stub. Let’s go if you are new, folks.
1. go to Comdata (iConnect Data) web portal (see Resource)
2. If you have previously registered, log in with your username and password.
3. If this is your first time in the Comdata cardholder portal, click the “Click Here to Register” button or link.
4. Enter your Card Number and Activation Code. Card numbers are printed on the Pay card or a temporary card number, and your payroll office provides an activation code. Click Next.
5. Create your account profile: create a username of your choice, enter a valid email address, establish your password, and select a security question with an answer. Click on Submit to complete the registration process.
6. If you are with a temporary card number, you need to set up a direct deposit account.
7. Once logged in, click on Paystub from the Banking menu to view and print your Paystub. If you need assistance, you can always contact Comdata at 1-888-265-8228.

Access W2s is currently available for obtaining W2 Forms. But if you are new, you must have a complete registration process, and you will be asked for:
Employee ID, SSN, and last three letters of your last name to create an account.
Create an Account name, user ID, and password of your choice.
Select and provide the answer to 3 security questions.
Email address and cell phone number. For additional help, call (877) 737-9687.


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