Bob Evans Pay stub & W2s

Current Bob Evans employees– did you know? Bob Evans now offers web-based access to your pay stubs and w2s. You can easily view your pay stubs and W2s and update your profile at any time. Your payroll information can be found at (ADP). The website just got better and more mobile-friendly.

W2 forms will be mailed to each associate’s home address by the end of January. If you’ve changed your home address, make sure to contact your payroll office about updating your information. In most of the case, W2 forms have not arrived due to address change. So it is better if you can access it online.

Former Employees: If your employment is terminated, you will no longer have access to the online portal; this means your pay stubs and W2s will not be available online. Therefore, all former employees need to contact Bob Evans payroll office at (614) 491-2225 for any W2s or other issues.

New Employees: According to the payroll office, Employees are paid weekly, and payday is Friday. If you are a new employee, your first paycheck will be a live check at the payroll office for your pick up on the payday. You also needed to submit valid direct deposit information; otherwise, you will automatically be enrolled in an ADP payroll card account. You can change or update direct deposit account at any time.

Retrieve Pay Stubs and W2s Online
Current Employees will have all pay stubs and w2s be accessible through ADP online service. Just go to the ADP portal (see Resource) and log in with your employee ID and password. Your initial password is the last four digits of your social security number. If you do not have an employee ID, you must contact your payroll office.


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