Charter Spectrum Pay Stubs & W2s

Steps by steps instruction for online pay stubs and W2s

Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network are now one company. So all Spectrum employees may follow this instructions. This article describes how an employee logs or register into ADP portal. According to Charter Spectrum payroll office, payroll are biweekly and pay days are 10th and 25th of each month. On the other hand, your online w2 statements will be available around the last week of January. You will receive a notification email from ADP.

To login, go to in your web browser. Login with user ID and password.

If you are new employee, complete registration process. But gather the following information before starting the registration process.
1. Registration pass code: you have already received a registration passcode for ADP with appointment package or via email.
2. Your identity: last name, first name and contact information
3. Social security number.
4. Email address and phone number.
5. Wait until second pay period.

Begin by going to to register.

1. Click on “Need an account? SIGN UP”. This will be taken to a page asking you to enter your registration passcode.
2. Enter your registration passcode and click on Yes to confirm Spectrum.
3. Enter your identity including your name, date of birth and social security number.
4. Answer the security questions: this will be used to reset password in future.
5. View your user ID and create your password.
6. Login again with assigned user ID and password.
Employee are also encourages to use Charter HR visa payroll card. It is similar of direct deposit and your pay is always in your card on payday. For more information, visit to the Charter HR at

ADP Portal
Charter HR

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  1. Yolanda Calderon-Horn  |  

    I am a former employee. I collected severance pay that ended June of 2018.
    I have moved since I left the company. I’m not sure who to contact to give my current address so that I could receive my W2s.
    Thank you!

    • Call 1-866-892-8922 (this is the number off of the check stubs) they can assist you with everything you need. Hope this helps ☺️

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