Ross Stores Pay Stubs & W2s

Current Ross Stores Employee: ADP myALINE self-service application allows you to view updates and print your payroll information from the HR database online. According to your payroll office, ADP myALINE self-service is delivered with pay stubs, tax forms, and direct deposit options. Basically most employees will be paid via direct deposit. If are a new employee, you need to sign a direct deposit form to participate in the direct deposit program. Otherwise, you will be automatically enrolled in ADP payroll card account. The direct deposit option enables employees to update their bank account online at any time.

Viewing Pay Stubs & W2s in ADP

To access your paystubs and W2s, you will need to login to your ADP myALINE account. If you are a new user, you will need to first create an ADP myALINE user ID and password to access this self-service portal. To create an account just follow the simple steps below-

1. Navigate to the ADP myALINE self-service portal using the Reference suggested web address.
2. Login with user ID and password if you are a returning user. Otherwise, click on “Register for myALINE” to begin registration.
3. Enter the Registration passcode: RossStores-Paperless and click Next.
4. “Do you want to set up an account with Ross Stores? Select Yes.
5. Enter your name, SSN, DOB to identify yourself. You must ensure that your personal information is always current in Ross Stores HR system. Click on Confirm.
6. Your user ID will be displayed on the screen and create your password. Note: Passwords are case sensitive and must be 8-20 characters long and contain at least one number and one letter. Click Next.
7. Select three security questions and answers. Click Next.
8. Enter your contact information. Click Next.
9. Verify your email address and review your entered information and submit.
10. Click on login and login with your user ID and password.
11. If you need assistance with these steps, please don’t leave without comment. We will try to resolve this issue.



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  1. I’m also wanting to know how to obtain the code to register for Ross. I have a log in for a previous employer but, I guess it would be totally different with a different employer.

    • @Tiffany,
      Your guess are absolutely right. ROSS is now using where you need a registration code. The registration code is provided by your self service department. You must contact with ROSS self service department for ADP registration code.
      N.B. You can’t complete registration process without registration code in the ADP iPay portal.

  2. When will the W-2s be available to print? I have already setup my adp account. I know in order to get them electronically you had to have registered and selected the paperless option by Dec 31st.

  3. I am also a former employee at Ross and I have been waiting for my w2s as well. They came earlier last year. They should come in the mail this week I hope. I have to say Ross just sucks all-around. Hope we get them soon.

  4. I left Ross for a much better career June 2015. I am trying to get my W2 so I can do my taxes. When I go to Adp they do not recognize the store or the code 10768. Therefore I can not go forward. I also have an account with adp from Ross and now my current employer. I have logged in under my old Ross account name and only see my new employer’s W2 but not the one from Ross. How about some help or advice please? Will it now be mailed since I am a former employee?

  5. I am no longer an employee at Ross and I need to get my w2. Was wondering if it will be mailed out soon or do I need to call about it?

  6. This is from their Facebook page…

    W-2s be available online by January 31st, 2016 through our new provider ADP. To obtain your free copy, go to and register.
    1. Click on the Register for myALINE on the home page
    2. Enter the registration code: RossStores-iPay
    3. Follow the steps to complete registration.

  7. I need the updated info to log on and get my check stubs! I need it for childs insurance. It will be cut off without proof of income and she is a type 1 diabetic. It shouldn’t be this difficult to get a check stub!!!!

  8. If i transferred locations during the year, it would still be on one single w2 correct? because my w2 wages seems much lower than it actually should be.

  9. I did not receive my W2. I moved to Florida and the W2 was not forwarded. I do not remember my employee ID. Is there a way around this in myALINE?

    • I left Ross last year in July, HOW am I supposed to get my employee ID number? I am at the same address, but still I haven’t received a w2? I kinda need to do my taxes ……

  10. I worked from jan. – the month of may last year at Ross Store in Clearwater FL. i never received my W2smy name is Carol Anderson My phone is 218 390-4401 it doesnt even KNOW me?????

  11. I need a w2 from 2010, in which I was working at Ross throughout the entire year. How do I go about obtaining this? I tried the different links provided on this page and got nowhere. Please help!

    Thank you

  12. I work for Ross Dress for less in Stuart Florida 2014 to 2016 I moved out of the state and havent yet received my W2 so I need to know how to get it. My id number was xxxxxxx

  13. Rossstores-myaline is the access code however I no longer work there and don’t remember my employee number and still haven’t received my w2 anybody get in without it

    • So the new code is Rossstores-gogreen, however does anyone know how to get ahold of an old employee number? I’ve forgotten mine from two years ago and you need it to acces ADP.

  14. Thanks for posting the access code, Mika! I was finally able to get in to ADP and access my w2. Do you still have your Earnings Statement? I didn’t remember my employee number either, but was able to locate all of the info (including employee number in case you didn’t know it’s on there) needed to gain access using that document.

  15. Dont try calling because they are less than helpful and i was literally told if i dont remember my information then its my problem and there was nothing they could or would do. You better belive i am taking this up the chain and getting a lawyer.

  16. Ross if could get your stuff together that would be great we need our W-2. I attempted to login in with my correct information and it says ross locked my account? IRS tax code below

    If the statement is furnished on a website, then your employer must notify you via mail, electronic mail, or in person, that the statement is posted on a website and provide instructions on accessing and printing the statement.

    Additional Information
    Treasury Regulation 31.6051-1(j) – Electronic Furnishing of Statements
    Publication 15-A, Employer’s Supplemental Tax Guide
    IRS Procedures
    W-2 – Additional, Incorrect, Lost, Non-receipt, Omitted

  17. Hello,
    I worked for Ross in December of 2018 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. I have since relocated to Illinois. I have been trying to get my W2 form to no avail. I attempted going to the website…..gave the registration code I was given on the phone but could not go further. Please kindly assist urgently.

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