Golden Corral Pay Stub & W2s

Paystubportal is a self-service portal for all Golden Corral or Metro Corral associates that allows them to view their pay information online. It is available from home or any mobile device. On the other hand, W2s has to be mailed out by 31st January, and you should be able to get your W2 in the same day like a week early than mail delivery if they offer online. But Golden Corral not yet offer it online. However if you are current franchise employee, you should be able to get from your store where you worked within two – three days when mailed out. If you have any questions regarding your W2, you can make a corporate call at 1-919-881-4465 or 919-781-9310. Associates will be also able to request for correction and reprint in this number.

Entering the PayStubPortal self service

Logging in to the Paystub portal:
1. Go to (see Reference)
2. A login screen will be displayed. Enter your Employee ID and PIN number. Finally click on “Sign in”.
3. To view pay stubs, click “View Pay Stubs” on the home page.
4. Select a desired date (pay stubs are arrange by date and topper is the most recent).
5. Pay stub will display if you have PDF reader.

Registering in to the PayStub Portal
The first time you enter the system you will be requested to complete registration process. To complete registration process at first go to login page and just follow the simple steps below-
1. Click on First visit? Register now.
2. A registration screen will be displayed. Enter the following-
1. Employee ID: This is your Employee ID. You can get this employee ID from your payroll office if needed.
2. Date of birth: This is your date of birth without year in DDMM formate.
3. SSN: Last 3 digits of your SSN.
4. And finally click on “Submit”
3. In the next step, you will be requested to create 4 digits PIN of your choice. Enter your PIN and click on “Submit”
4. Next screen will show “Sign in Now” link. Click and login with your Employee ID and PIN.

About Golden Corral: Golden Corral is well known as American number one buffet and grill restaurant chain. It is also known as family style restaurant chain. There are more than 500 restaurants in 41 state with approximately 10000 employees.

W2 Hotline: 1-919-881-4465

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  1. HI my name is Eric Hopkins, I worked for Golden Corral at North Highlands CA 95660 for a few years and quit my employment last year. I have not received my W-2 as of today Feb. 10, 2017. Can you please help me out with receiving my W-2.
    Thank You Eric

  2. Has anyone else got there w2 from golden corral cause i sure havnt and they clam they cant find my application and ive worked there 2 times this yr

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