Aramark Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Aramark Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Aramark has implemented an Ultipro self-service portal to manage information related to payroll. Therefore all employees may now log in to Ultipro to view and print the following documents. Pay Stubs: Your pay stubs will be available in the Ultipro system, and pay stubs are updated on each pay week’s Thursday. View and print current pay stubs and all pay stubs from history. W2s: Current year’s W2 forms will be available on the last week of the following January and maintained on the Ultipro portal for a rolling three years. Therefore you access this portal for at least three years even if you leave your job at Aramark. Direct Deposit: You will also manage and update your direct deposit account. Personal information: you can make a change to your phone number, email address, and emergency contacts.

Note: Do not try to access your current pay statement and tax statements from MyADP. You can visit the MyADP portal to access your pay statements and tax statements from 2014-2017 only.

Accessing Ultipro

To log in to Ultipro self-service portal, visit the Reference suggested Ultipro web link. And login with your user ID and password. If you are a new user, follow the instruction below for logging in for the first time. According to your payroll office, everyone has been provided with a login user ID and password to access the Ultipro web portal.

  1. Open a browser and go to Former employees (
  2.  Enter your initial username and password. Initial logons use the Employee ID with a leading zero as username and date of birth (first month, then day, then year) as a password (image 1).
  3. Upon the first-time login, you will be required to change the default password. To change your default password first enter your default password and create a new password. Your new password must be different from the default or temporary password. It must meet the minimum password requirements (8-50 characters in length, two letters including lowercase and an uppercase, one number, and special characters. Click on OK. (Image-2).
  4. In the next steps, you will be required to select and answer three security questions. Click on Continue. (Image-3).
  5. Select an email and click on Continue. 
  6. Once complete, you are ready to access the My Pay (Ultipro web portal). Keep in mind, that you must use the same username and password you created to log in next time.
  7. Click on MENU then MYSELF to access the availed service for you. Personal, My Company, Jobs, Pay and Documents sub-menu, Pay Statement, and tax statement is located under Pay.  (Image-4).

View Pay Stubs:

Click on the “Current Pay Statements” tab to view the most recent pay stub. If you are looking for historical pay stubs, click on “Pay History” and select a date to view, download, or print. You can also download the multiple pay stub (up to 30) by choosing the pay date box. To download, click on the download icon or click on the printer icon to print it out.

View W2 statements:

If you do not consent to receive your W2 statement online, you will receive a paper copy via US standard postal service. Once consented, you can download or directly send it to the Intuit TurboTax system in the following way-

Click on the “W-2” tab from the Pay sub MENU, select Tax Year and, click on Search. Now click on Year link then the tax statement will be displayed. If you would like to submit through Turbotax, click on the Intuit TurboTax button and import your W2 statement. To download or print it out, click on the Print icon, then you can save it as a PDF file or print it out.   

If you still need assistance, please do not leave without a comment. You can contact payroll at or call at 1.800.729.5432.



51 thoughts on “Aramark Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. Hi I have tried calling the number to reset my password 3 times and the first time It said I would be in hold for 30 mind and it turned out to be over an hour and I have tried twice since can someone help with this issue?

  2. Hi, My name is Melissa Hunt. I am a former employee of Aramark. I worked at university of pikeville in 2017. I am having trouble getting my w2. I have called several times and been put on hold and have waited for someone to help me. Please help me with this problem.

  3. I need my W-2 for 2017. All efforts to retrieve this form have ended in failure. I have called and tried but to no success. I sure hope the new system works better. Everything is correct on my Aramark information(verified by office manager at my location). Send it to me on the address on my Aramark application. If I do not receive it in a week, I will contact the IRS to file a complaint. This is the second year this has happened.

  4. Hi! My name is Olti Begaj and i am a former employee of Aramark! I am having trouble with getting my w2 forms. I have called several times and put on hold for a long time. Can you please help me by mailing my w2 to me? Thank you

  5. My name is Kevin Sharrow. I work at Aramark at the university of Memphis. I need my W-2 and the system will not allow me in to get it. HELP

  6. I no longer work for Aramark and was never given the opportunity to or told to create a username or password to get my w2? That seems like pertinent information that was withheld from me for God knows why and It was never sent in the mail. I worked at the facility in McKinney, TX .

  7. I have tried several times to retrieve my pay stubs from 2017.Each phone call has made me angrier at the lack of support we as employees of Aramark do not receive.I need to access Malone but each time I try it says I am not recognized.This is unacceptable

  8. My name is Robert Sweeten.I was employed by Aramark Refreshment Services from June 2010 through March 2016.

    I have been unable to login to the Ultipro Self-Service Portal because I don’t remember my username. However, I can provide my Employee ID, which is 01327733. I worked first at the Kirkland warehouse, then Bellevue, then finally Tukwila.

    I need to obtain my W2 for 2016. Please contact me asap via email at or by phone at 206-714-4936, so that I may provide you with my current address in order for you to send me my W2 — unless there is another way to receive it more quickly.

    Thank you for your prompt response to my request.


    Robert Sweeten

  9. I am unable to login to get started filing for taxes. Please call me. It says to call an administrator but I dont have that phone number.
    I also need to change my address to 2030 Brenner Avenue, Roseville, MN 55113

    Thanks, Chad VanVeldhuizen

  10. Just to let this company know as well as Aramark, that there is a communication problem with this system. Last year there was a huge problem with getting our tax information and also reviewing our pay stubs. The whole staff had no idea and most of us sat on hold for longer than half an hour to receive help. There was not a system coordinator or manager that could explain this site or help. Same as this year. This leaves employees very frustrated and past employees such as myself even more frustrated. All of my info was saved from last year to log on and yet this did not help the situation. Why make it so difficult for information that should be easy?

  11. need assistance signing into my MYPAY account it’s seems to be locked . I tried my password but I believe of length of time gone by an me only signing once when I was hired caused it to lock. plz need help called all numbers no response or help…ty have a blessed day

  12. I no longer work for Aramark, I am trying to get my W2 form for Jan & Feb of 2018 and cannot log on to the site. How can I get this information?

  13. my name is lisa berry I’m now on hold with payment serives for 16 mins I need to talk to someone immediately about my mypay login I rest my password once and it did not work I’m calling about my w2 form should have been mail to me today 01 31 2019

  14. the worst system ever. no support from employer. would like to do my taxes. the info is mine and I would like to have it before contacting real people

  15. please help. I no longer work for Amarak and do not know my employee #. I need my W2 now, how can I get a copy?


  16. I would like to know how I am going to receive/obtain my T4 (W2), whatever it’s called for income taxes. I can’t get any straight answers. am to check mypay portal, when and where please. they should be mailed to us, our info, should have originals. would like to do my taxes. waited on hold for over !/2 hour. thanks for your time

  17. I need my W2 from 2017 sent to me via post office. I need this submitted to my home address via regular mail. My Aramark W2 has not arrived and it is the last one I need so that I can file my taxes, please. Not having this document is holding me up in filing my taxes. Please mail to my home address. Thank you. Karen Ott

  18. I am no longer an Aramark employee. I am wondering when my W2 will be mailed. By law it should have been mailed by January 31st. Please advise.

  19. Hi. I’m a former employee trying to obtain my W2 but have not received it yet.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    James Madole

  20. I am a former Aramark Dept Director and would like to get my 2018 W2 mailed to my home address. I would appreciate your assistance, Thanks Kathy

  21. I don’t understand why there is no way to talk to an actual person. Why don’t they just mail the W2 to the people who longer work for Aramark. It’s not rocket science

  22. I have been trying to get my 2018 W2 for the last 5 mouths ,Never signed up to get them on line have always gotten them mailed to me. was told the only way to get them was on line. this can’t be right I do know that a employer has to provide you your W2 . I will be contacting the IRS. Im done calling and not getting any resolves.

  23. I can’t get mine for the last three years do any of these HR idiot’s realize that by law that these are to be in my hands by January 31 for the previous years or do you not understand by law. I’m very sure that all the the people in HR have there taxes done so not a big deal to them go ahead put us on hold don’t do your job that’s what earmark does for there employees not a fucking thing

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