Outback Steak House Pay Stubs & W2s

Outback Steakhouse is an international chain of restaurants serving different kinds of foods to everyone at moderate prices while maintaining quality. This is an Australian-themed restaurant based in the United States with varying types of chicken, ribs, seafood, pasta dishes, beef, and various steak items. This chain has more than thousands of locations in 23 countries across the world where employees serve the customers in a casual, warm, and welcoming environment.

Outback Steakhouse employees can receive their pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via OSI Connect at UltiPro Employee Self-Service Portal.

How to login?

Your Pay stubs and w2 statements are available at OSI to connect – UltiPro – Employee Self Service Portal (Link: https://osi.ultipro.com). You can get your pay stubs and w2 statements by following the following steps.

Step-1: Initial Login: Navigating to the login page with the provided link, please enter your (If you are an old user) User Name and Password to log in to the system to get your pay stubs w2 statements.

New User? New users of this portal have to complete the initial login to this portal. Please enter your User Name and Initial Password to complete this step. While you have started your job, your employer has provided your User Name [first two letters of the First Name + last five numbers of SSN, example- er56789] and Initial Password. But if you are not provided at the time of starting your job, then you have to collect your User Name and Initial Password from your payroll coordinator or HR office.

Step-2: Change Initial Password: You have to change your initial password after your initial login, and you will be navigated to the Initial Password changing screen automatically. You have to follow some requirements for creating your New Password. Essentials for your new password will be provided on the screen beside the password text field. The system will instruct you, and you have to follow it properly.

Step-3: Challenge Questions: After changing your initial password again, you will be navigated automatically on the challenge questions screen. You have to answer three questions to use this feature for your security reasons as changing user names or resetting passwords in the future. These answers are case sensitive, and it is better to type your answers simply so that you can remember easily.

Step-4: Personal UltiPro Screen: In the end, you will be navigated to your desired Personal UltiPro Screen. Your name and job title will appear on the screen. All personal information and documents are available here. You can view and manage your personal information, Documents, Company information, Job Summary, and payment-related information like Current Pay Statements, Pay History, Direct Deposit, Income Tax, W-2, etc.

Help: You can recover your forgotten password with Forgot Your Password? from the login page of Ultipro Payroll Portal. For recovering your password, you have to provide your User name and Company access code (Know your company access code from your employer or HR office).

There is also available a phone call service for you. You can make a call at 800 555 5808 for any payroll-related problem you face.


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