Omni Hotel & Resorts Pay Stubs & W2s

Omni Hotel & Resorts Company has decorated so you can genuinely feel the local flavor in their luxury hotels and resorts. Omni Hotel and Resorts Company is one of the founder partners of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), and in this way, it is introduced as a luxury hotel brand. Today, it is one of the luxury brands following the mission where all associates cordially participate in hospitality for the guests. They are forming unique, memorable experiences with the guest via authenticity and innovation in hospitality. As an Omni Hotel & Resorts Company employee, you can access the UltiPro payroll portal using this link: and receive your pay stubs and w2 statements. There are other options under the menu bar on the left top of the Personal UltiPro screen where you can manage your personal information, contact information, and knowledge about your benefits and other company-related news.

How do you access the pay stubs & W2 statements on the Portal?

First, visit the portal login page using your device, like a laptop, computer, or smartphone, with the link: Then, log in with your login credentials as User Name and Password.

You can print or download your pay stubs and w2 statements when logged in successfully from the Portal’s Personal UltiPro Screen or Dashboard. To maintain your personal, contact, and other information, go to the definite options under the Menu bar on the left of the screen.

Being a new or first-time user keep an eye on the following steps carefully:

Step-1: Input your User Name and Default Password on the definite input field of the login page. If you do not have these credentials, you must collect them from your employer or Payroll coordinator.

Step-2: As a first-time user, you must change your default password. Follow the instructions and password requirements, and you can find these on the screen.

Step-3: For answering the challenge questions, please, select and answer any three challenge questions from the dropdown list. This is very important for your security issue.

Step-4: Finally, your Pay stubs & W2 statements are available on the dashboard, and you can view, download, or print them. You can manage & view all your personal, contact, and other information and benefits under the Menu bar on the screen’s left-top.

Your forgotten password is retrievable with the login page link Forgot Your Password. Here you have to provide your User Name only if you want to get proper help to reset your password, or if you’re going to get a password reset link, you have to provide both User Name and Company access code. Your company access code is available in the HR department.


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