Caterpillar Pay Stubs & W2 Statements

Caterpillar, Inc. is the leading construction equipment manufacturer company in the Heavy Equipment Industry. From the beginning of this company (about more than nine decades ago), it has grown up day by day with designing, developing, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and selling different kinds of heavy equipment like machinery, engines, financial products, and now it is the global leader in this industry.

Getting access to the Cat@Work portal for your pay stubs and W2 Statements:

  1. Navigate to the Cat@Work portal login page through a network-connected device like Computer, Laptop, or Smartphone using this URL: or
  2. Provide your portal login credentials like Username and Password. Collect your portal login credentials from your employer, payroll coordinator, or HR Dept.
  3. Click on the login button.

Now you can view, print, or download your pay stubs and know about your W2 statements on this portal. Besides, you can manage your personal and, most importantly, contact information and knowledge about different benefits.

Update your Contact Info:

It is usual for different peoples to shift houses from one place to another place. If you are moved recently, then updating your contact information is most important when you are associated with Caterpillar, Inc. for getting your mailings at the correct location where you are currently living. Otherwise, there will be a cause of delay in getting your mailings at your current address. Another critical matter is to submit your updated W4 (State Tax Withholding Form) for getting your W2 Statements correctly.

Active or current employees can update the Contact Info by following ways:

  1. You can update your contact info from the “My Personal Information” option on the Cat@Work portal.


  • You can send a mail to the HR Services Center using or make a toll-free call at 1-800-447-6434. Besides, you can fax your completed form at 309-636-2883 (HR Services Center).

Retired or former employees can update the contact info and W4 (State Tax Withholding Form) by making a call at the Caterpillar Benefits Center at Alight at 877-228-4010 (+1 847-883-0775 outside the U.S.) from Monday to Friday at 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. following the Central time.


  • If you need to change your password, then you can change it from the login page. Here you have to provide your Username and Password and click on the Check Password/ Profile checkbox. Then, clicking on the login button, you can change your password.
  • You can retrieve your forgotten username or password by clicking on “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” from the login page. Then submit your Email address or username and follow the system procedure.


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