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NFI is an industry where you can get supply chain solutions. It is a fully integrated, third-party company. NFI runs the business in different sectors where it is committed to implementing customized, engineered solutions that thrust your business to achieve your goal. Here are available services like transportation, warehousing, intermodal, brokerage, transportation management, global, and real estate services where more than 11300 employees are employed to ensure the best service. Associated employees with NFI Industries have distributed their pay stubs and w2 statements via the UltiPro payroll portal of Ultimate Software. Besides, benefits, contact information, personal information, and other information are also available in this portal.

Getting access to the UltiPro payroll portal

For old users:

If you are an old user, you can access the pay stubs and w2 statements on this portal with this URL: You have to log in with your login credentials as User Name and Password (provided by your employer, payroll coordinator, HR Dept.). You can view, print, or download your pay stubs and w2 statements when you have logged in successfully. Besides, you can control all your personal and contact information.

For New or First-Time Users:

If you are a new or first user on this portal, you must visit the login page with the URL:

After visiting the login page, you have to initially log in to this portal, called the initial login. Don’t worry; you will be provided a Username and a default Password by your employer, payroll coordinator, or HR Dept.

Then you have to change your Default or Initial Password. The password changing screen will be appeared automatically after completing your initial login process. The system will provide new password requirements and instructions on the net. Please, follow the requirements and instructions carefully.

You must select and answer three challenge questions from a drop-down list. You can choose according to your choice from the list but keep in mind the answers correctly because the system may ask for security reasons to verify your account at any time.

In the end, you will be able to see the personal UltiPro Screen. Here is available your name and job title on the screen. You can view, print, or download your pay stubs and w2 statements. Besides, you can control all your personal and contact information.

You may forget your User Name or Password. For this reason, there is a link on the login page as ‘Forgot Your Password?’. You can easily retrieve your forgotten password by providing your User Name only forget help or both User Name and Company access code getting a password reset link. Your company access code is available in the HR department.


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