Hooters Pay Stubs & W2

Would you like to receive earlier your pay stubs and W2s? Give your consent online, and your pay stubs and original W2 will be delivered earlier than the paper version. Your original W2s will be posted on Ultipro self-service portal in the last week of January, and your new pay stubs will be mailed each payday. However, you are required to be enrolled in the EFT program to receive online of your pay stubs. According to the payroll office of Hooters, both active and terminated employees have access to the Ultipro portal. Need assistance, call 18009299464 or 7707992332.

To Register for Ultipro, follow the following steps:

1. As a new employee, you will be eligible to log in to Ultipro after your orientation. To log on. Go to https://e24.ultipro.com.
2. On the first screen, enter your username and password. Your initial username is your last name + the last four digits of your SSN. And your initial password is your birthday in MMDDYYYY format. Click on Log In.
3. This will link to change the initial password. Password requires at least eight characters, one capital and lower case letter and 1 number, and one unique character. Click on OK.
4. You have to select and answer a few security questions that will be used in the future to reset your password. Click on Continue.
5. Once you complete the logging process, you will manage your EFT (direct deposit) option, view and print your pay stubs, w2s, etc.
6. Select the Pay Stubs option under the Myself tab on the home page to view your recent and past pay stubs.
7. Select W-2 under the Myself tab on the home page to view your year-end tax statement.



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