HD Supply Pay Stubs and W2s

Whether you are a new staff or an existing staff considering the career opportunity within HD Supply. This article will provide you with a step by step instruction to access your pay stubs and w2s online. You will need the following things to access your pay stubs and W2s online.
1. Internet access: You must have internet access. If you do not have internet access, contact with your payroll office for paper pay stubs. You will access your pay stub from Global Cash Card web portal and W2 from ADP web portal.
2. NT ID: You must have an active NT ID/ Associate ID.
3. Global cash card: If you want to active your card and cash card account.
4. ADP passcode: To setup ADP account
5. SSN: Your social security number identifies your personal information at ADP.
If you need special assistance, call 866-509-4437 and speak with a benefits representative. Their hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm.

To access Pay stubs flow the following steps-
1. Global Cash Card web site: You can link to the site via HD Supply associate portal or directly go to Global Cash Card cardholder login page (see Resource).
2. Login with your username and password. If you are new to this system, click on Sing Up Now link.
3. If you have a new card, click on Yes for active your account. Otherwise click on No.
4. Enter your personal information and unique ID. Unique ID is your associate ID.
5. Enter your last four digits of SSN and click on Continue.
6. Establish a user id and password.
7. Finally login with your new user ID and password. Click on Paystubs tab to get list of paystubs that available.

To Access W2s flow the following steps-
1. Go to ADP W2 portal at www.w2.adp.com
2. Login with user name and password. If you are new user, click on Register Now.
3. Enter your company registration passcode: HDSupp-Spirit and click Next.
4. Click on Yes. This will link to start registration process.
5. Complete the 7 steps registration process with identify yourself, set up security questions, create password and add email address and phone number etc.
6. Once complete click on W2 Services and login with your user ID and password.

HD Supply Associate Portal
Global Cash Card login
ADP W2 Services

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