GAP Inc. Pay Stubs & W2s

Employment information must be accessible to the employee whenever and however need it. For this reason, the company offers online access to employment documents in a secure way. Both pay stubs and tax statements are now available online. All employees (GAP, banana republic, OLD NAVY, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic Factory Stores, and ATHLETA) will access their pay stubs through GAPWeb Portal and W-2s through the Tax Form Management website. They will be able to set up a direct deposit account through GAPWeb also. Therefore, access your account online in the following way, once you’ve set up your account online, you can easily view and print out your pay stubs and tax statements.    

Accessing your Pay Stubs

Gap web enables their employees to easily view your personalized pay, benefits, direct deposit, and total well-being information- at any time through mobile devices or desktop. To access-

  1. Go to the Gap web at
  2. Enter your user ID and password and select login. (user ID is GAP web ID)
  3. Log into the Gap web with a temporary password; you will be asked to change the temporary password after login.
  4. Once logged into the Gap web, click on Pay & Benefits under My Shortcut. Then a new window will open your pay stubs.
  5. To set up a direct deposit account, click on Direct Deposit under My Shortcut.
  6. If you need any assistance, call at 1-866-411-2772 x28000 (US users), 1-800-241-2626 (US store users), 1-800-333-7899 x7755 (US GID DC users), and 1-615-230-2300 (US DC users).

Accessing your W-2s

Tax Form Management website gives you the convenience to access your year-end tax statement online.

  1. To access the Tax Form Management website, go to
  2. Enter your Employer code, which is 11109.
  3. Click on Click here to log in.
  4. Enter your User Name [ user name will be your SSN without dashes]
  5. Enter your PIN [your PIN will be your date of birth in MMDDYYYY format. This is your first time PIN].
  6. If this is your first-time login, you will be going through six steps enrollment process.
  7. Once you’ve done, you will be at your home dashboard. To receive your W2s online, you must give consent to receive forms online. Click on My Account, then tick the checkbox and select “Receive forms online.”
  8. Read the consent disclosure notice and tick the consenting checkbox and click on “Accept and Continue.”
  9. Setup the notification email/phone and click on “Confirm and Submit.”
  10. Now you can view and print your W2s. If you want to file your taxes with the Tax Form Management website, you must pay the tax filing and return processing fees.



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