G4S Pay Stubs & W2s

Always security is a concerning matter for humanity. We need to settle any threat that can be a matter of business or lifesaving related. Different companies provide integrated security services to keep our homes, families, and businesses secure in this modern era. G4S is a kind company leading the world in the security industry with different services like supply of security personnel, monitoring equipment, response units, and secure prisoner transportation. Nowadays, G4S provides security services in more than 90 countries worldwide, with almost 0.6 million employees creating a safer and better environment for people to live and work in. For this most significant number of employees, G4S has recommended the ADP iPay portal to view, print, or download the pay stubs and w2 statements.

How to log in?

You can log in to ADP iPay Service at https://online.adp.com/ipay/login through a network-connected device by providing your login credentials like User ID and Password.

Forget User ID/ Password?

If you have forgotten your User Id or Password, can you retrieve your User Id or Password with Forger your ID/ Password? The option below the login form follows the proper steps according to the system’s instructions.

New user?

If you are a new user or do not have a User ID and Password, then you won’t be able to log in, as I said already. In this situation, you must first complete the registration process and have your User Id and Password for logging in to this system.

Registration process:

  1. Click on the REGISTER NOW button from the bottom portion of the login page.
  2. Provide your Registration code or passcode: usag4s-ipay.
  3. Follow the Enter information option, provide First Name, Last Name, SSN / EIN / ITIN, and click continue. Now follow the system instructions properly and provide information if the system wants.
  4. There is another option, import and verify your information if you account for Capital One. For this reason, click on Send verified info from the capital one account option and sign in to the capital one account.
  5. Now create your unique User ID and Set a strong password.
  6. Then you will be provided some security questions and answer three questions from a drop-down list.
  7. Then you may be prompted to read the terms and conditions and select I agree on the checkbox.
  8. By clicking on the Register button, you can complete the registration process.
  9. In the end, you have to provide contact information and activate contact devices with phone numbers and Email verification.
  10. You can easily log in to ADP iPay service with your User Id and Password.



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  1. I put a change of address months ago. Still haven’t received my W-2 from 1021. Gardaworld took over in June, last year, 2021. Please call me 281-745-0181

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