Costco Pay Stubs & W2s

A multinational Corporation; Costco Warehouse Corporation based in United States of America is dealing its business as Costco. Costco operates a chain of membership warehouse club approximately at 759 locations in 11 countries with almost 231,000 employees. Costco provides Pay stubs and W2 statements to the employees via online portal as Costco Employee Self Service Portal which is much secured.

Employees can know and view details about their pay stubs, W2 statements, time cards etc. Besides they can update or maintain personal information, bank and tax related information, W2 delivery option etc. Pay stubs will be available at this portal on Wednesday as your pay day is Friday. Your W2 will be available at mid-January if you had elected your W2 delivery option as online at the time of starting mid-November. If you had not elected your W2 delivery option then you will get a paper copy of your W2 statement at your work location. For more information, you can contact the service Desk at 1-866-455-1914.

Access Instructions to Costco Employee Self Service Portal

As an employee you can get access to this portal 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week for knowing about your desired information or document as pay stub and W2 statement. You can find this Employee Self Service portal from Costco Website under Employee site option or navigating to this link:

Log In Instructions:

You can log in to this portal simply with entering your log in credentials as Username and Password. If you are an employee or alumni you have to use the LAN ID as user name and if vendors or suppliers then you have add a valid email address as user name.

*** If you forgot your username or password then you can retrieve it from “Trouble Signing In?” link with following the instructions properly.

If you are a new user then complete registration process first

Go to and follow the following steps to register for a self-service account.

Step 1: Employee Information: Provide your employee information properly as Employee ID, warehouse or location where you work for or hire date etc.

Step 2: Name Selection: Select or set unique name for your account in this ESS (Employee Self Service) portal according to the instructions provided by the system on the screen.

Step 3: Personal Information: In this step you have to provide your personal information, address etc.

Step 4: Validation Option: Complete validation process according to the instructions carefully. You may be prompted for verifying phone number with validation code.

Step 5: Set Password: This is the final step of registration process. In this step you can create your own password according to your wish following password instructions (password is case sensitive).

Now, you can log in to the portal with your username and password and can view your desired information or document under definite option. You can also print your documents from this portal.

Access Historical Pay Stubs & W2s from Paperless Pay Portal

You are also eligible for getting access your historical pay stubs and tax statement to paperless pay portal of Equifax workforce solution for knowing or viewing your pay stubs online. Please, follow the following instructions step by step for getting access to your pay stubs:

  1. Go to
  2. You may be asked for your employer code. If you are asked then provide code as 10203
  3. Log in to this portal with your Employee ID and PIN number. Then you will be able to view and print your pay stubs in details.
  4. If you are a new or first time user then your initial PIN is last 4 digits of your SSN. Then you have to change your initial PIN number and follow the on screen instructions step by step properly.

You can get access to your pay stubs via a phone also. You may be able to get a fax copy and you have to request with calling at 800-951-3729 > press 1 for getting that copy.


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