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Pilot Flying J is a family-owned large operating business company in North America formed in 2009 by merging Pilot Travel Centers LLC and Flying J Travel Plaza. Now, Pilot Flying J is running a business with different services at truck stops in the United States and Canada at approximately 750+ locations, with more than 24k employees divided into other teams. If you are a part of this company as an employee, then you can get access to the employee portal of Pilot Flying J to learn about your pay and w2 statements in detail. Besides, you will get other important information by logging in to this portal.

Instructions for Employee Login

You can log in to the portal effortlessly with a network-connected device. Besides, you will need some information for providing in different input fields.

  1. Go to this link: https://www.pilottravelcenters.com/Login/Employee_Login.aspx.
  2. You can start your login process by providing your Pilot Flying J Employee Number in the Employee Number text input field. (Example: 135790)
  3. In the Initials text input field, you have to provide your first name and last name initials recorded in your payroll system. (Example: Your name is Cristian Tello, but there is recorded as Cristian T Stewart, then you have to provide at initials field as CS)
  4. In the Birth Year text input field, provide your birth year in 4 digits. (Example: 1989)
  5. Finally, provide the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) at the Last Four of the SSN text input field. (Example: If your SSN is 409-52-2002, then provide only 2002)
  6. Now, click the Submit button to access the employee portal with your account.

After getting access to the portal, you can view your payroll with pay statements, w2 statements, and other information to benefit from your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will get your w2 statement on the last week of January at the address you filed at your employment time.

Help Desk:

If you face any problems or errors with getting access to this employee portal by entering your access credentials, you can contact employee assistance. You are always permitted to make a call at (1 865 474 2541). You can explain your problem in detail by sending an email to helpdesk@pilottravelcenters.com


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40 thoughts on “Pilot Flying J Pay Stubs & W2

  1. My name is Ralph Torres and I worked for a short time at Pilot’s in Odessa, Texas. I revoked my probation and was sent back to prison so I would greatly appreciate it if you could please US mail me my W2 to 5100 Slough Ct. in Odessa, Texas 79762 so that my mother can file my taxes for me. My address when I worked at Pilot’s was 5737 McKnight but my mother says that it hasn’t been mailed there. I figured it hasn’t been mailed because all the paperwork and salary was computer-based. I would greatly appreciate you doing this for me. Thank you,

  2. I was working for yall in midland with aaron he is the gm there and all manager are the some way that they dont care about the people that work for them all iam trying to do is get my paysub i have call everyone to get help and aaron has block me from my account onlineso can someone please lead me to the right way they just keep gaving me the run a round he wouls tiold me no matter if it is cold i was going to prowerwash i dont know what this man has with me and bing races against mexican but it not right

  3. Im a former Pilot employee and havent received my W2 form yet how do i see if it was sent to the right place?

  4. I no longer work at pilot. I have NOT received my W2s. I need to get my taxes filed. If you could please double check that they have been sent to PO BOX 12, Pandora, Ohio 45877.

    thank you,

  5. Hello i am a former employee of Pilot and l need my W2s. My address has changed since my leaving of working at the company. So how can i get them? So can you please email it to me?

  6. My son who is a minor worked for pilot last year and we have not received a W-2 form this year and it is now March 14th and we need it. How can I get one for him. I’m really upset that this company as large as it is did not send him one.

  7. Same thing never got my claim response or W2″forms also a letter of termination paper say why I was getting my last check ??not fair see you in court Pilot flying J Salinas ,Ca

  8. I am a former employee of Pilot Flying J Travel Centers in Florence South Carolina. I never received my W-2s and I need a copy sent to my email address.

  9. From reading the hundreds of comments it seems like there is a huge issue with former Pilot employees receiving their W2’s..???? Why doesn’t HR mail out hard copies of W2’s to the people who no longer work there?? I mean it is literally the only way we will be able to get it (considering we do not have access to our online portal anymore)…… So, Yea… please email or mail me my W2. Please & Thank you

    1. I’m getting a lawyer because they don’t response to emails. I have emailed payroll 3 times, still no response..

  10. I am a former employee and need my w2 . I have tried to get it online and it doesn’t work. Since you didn’t mail the w2. I have made a complaint to the irs and I was told they will sent you a letter and if you don’t mail out the w2 you will get pentlized. Do the right thing. If you can email me my w2 that would be great otherwise mail it to me. Hopefully you are reading these and doing your job.

  11. Please mail me or email me my 2021 W2 form needed. My access to your website no longer works. I will be contacting IRS to file a complaint if not received soon.

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