Bojangles’ Pay Stubs & W2s Online

Bojangles is America’s fastest-growing chicken chain. According to NASDAQ, Bojangles went to the public in May 2015. However, the company offers industry-leading employee benefits, including discounted meals, flexible schedules, competitive pay, a bonus program, insurance, a 401k plan, etc.

Tri-Arc Food System Pay stubs.

Tri-Arc food system is one of the largest franchises of Bojangles in North Carolina and Southern Virginia. If you are working with this company, the paystub portal is a web-based self-service portal that offers angles (Tri-Arc Food Systems) employees access to their pay stubs from home or anywhere on the internet. So you can view and print your pay stub information. On the other hand, W2 will be mailed on 31st January of each year.

Access PayStub Portal

1. Go to (see Resource).
2. If you are a returning user or have received a user name and PIN from your payroll office, your payroll administrator has already assigned a user ID and PIN for you; then, Enter your Employee ID and PIN to login into this system. Otherwise, you need the completed registration process to enter this system.
3. If you have not received the user and PIN and at least one payment cycle has been completed, you need to register in the following way to log in to this system.
4. Click on the First visit Register Now link. As a result, registration screens open, and enter your Employee ID, DOB, and last three digits of SSN.
5. Click on Submit. It will prompt you to establish your PIN retrieval option with a few security questions.
6. At the final, create a four digits PIN of your choice. After making a new PIN, you will be taken back to log in to access your pay stubs.


22 thoughts on “Bojangles’ Pay Stubs & W2s Online

  1. I am trying to get my paycheck stub but i don’t no how to get it and when i go to the website if I am going to the right one I don’t know my username or password I don’t know my employee id or pin can someone please help me with this information. My manger said i had to email this website.

  2. I’m needing to change my address so I can get my w2’s and I’m needing to get the last check stub from when I worked there

  3. So November 20 2018 I posted and still can not get in to my pay roll account to see my pay stubs…Crazy here we are January 31 ..2019 Still nothing and no help from work place.. Than they gave me 1-800-849-3360… Please recording and we will get back to you….

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