Bojangles’ Pay Stubs & W2s Online

Bojangles is America’s fastest-growing chicken chain. According to NASDAQ, Bojangles goes to the public in May 2015. However, the company offers industry-leading benefits to employees including discounted meals, flexible schedules, competitive pay, bonus program, insurance, and 401k plan, etc.

Tri-Arc Food System Pay stubs

Tri-Arc food system is one of the largest franchises of Bojangles in North Carolina and Southern Virginia. If you are working with this company the paystub portal is a web-based self-service portal for you that offering Bojangles’ (Tri-Arc Food Systems) employees access to their pay stubs from home or everywhere with the internet. So you can view and print your pay stub information. On the other hand, W2 will be mailed on 31st January of each year.

Access PayStub Portal

1. Go to (see Resource).
2. If you are a returning user or you have received a user name and PIN from your payroll office that means your payroll administrator has already assigned a user ID and PIN for you then Enter your Employee ID and PIN number to login in this system. Otherwise, you need the completed registration process to enter this system.
3. If you have not received and user ID and PIN, and at least one payment cycle has completed then you need to register in the following way to login to this system.
4. Click on the First visit Register Now link. As a result, registration screes open and enter your Employee ID, DOB, and last three digits of SSN.
5. Click on Submit. It will prompt you to establish your PIN number retrieval option with a few security questions.
6. At final, create a 4 digits PIN number of your choice. After creating a new PIN, you will be taken back to login to access your pay stubs.


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