Bridgestone Pay stubs & W2

Bridgestone Corporation is the largest auto and truck parts manufacturer globally, which uses the MY HR Portal for the employees to distribute the pay stubs and w2 statements. Being a proud employee of this great company, you will be invited or registered on this portal by your employer to get access to your personal, contact, payroll, and tax-related data and documents.

If you have not invited or registered till now, please contact your employer or HR Office because there is no self-registration process. You can sign in and access all your data and documents.

How to Sign in?

After getting registered by your employer or payroll coordinator, you can sign in following this process:

  1. Point to the login page using
  2. Enter your UID without including zeroes.
  3. Enter your Password (If you are a first-time user, then provide your employer’s default password; otherwise, provide your regular password).
  4. Click the Sign In button.

NB: First-time users may be prompted to change the default password, answer some security questions, and provide some personal, contact, and additional information.

You can then explore and view your wanted data and download or print the documents like pay stubs, w2 statements, etc.

Reset Password: In the situation of resetting your password due to forgetting or expired password, you have to click the hyperlink below the sign-in option as “Click Here to Reset a Forgotten or Expired Password” and provide accurate information according to the requirements like UID, MMDD of Birth Date (example: 0523 for 23 March), Last four digits of SSN (Social Security Number), PIN, New Password and confirm password entering again.

Here the password requirements are (a) case sensitive, (b) at least eight characters long, and (c) containing at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter, 1 number, and one unique character.

Caution: Your account will be locked automatically when trying to sign in four times and providing the wrong UID and Password. In this situation, you have to contact the HR dept—Use 855-873-6947 to unlock your account.


Disclaimer: The Bridgestone and the Bridgestone logo are the Bridgestone Corporation’s registered trademarks and copyrighted works.

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