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Nowadays, employees and potential employees of different companies can access their organizational data like payroll, tax-related, personal, and contact information according to their needs via the online payroll portal. In this digital era of encouraging employee resourcefulness, online portals are becoming more essential to industries’ different sizes. I have arranged this article for the Cedar Fair employees to help with the proper information for getting access to the MyHR self-service portal to explore the payroll and tax-related information and documents like pay stubs, direct deposit, and yearly W-2 Statements.

Log In Process

For getting access to the Cedar Fair MyHR portal, navigate to https://myhr.cedarfair.com.

Old users can log in directly from the login page providing the User ID and Password.

But new or first-time users have to follow some steps for accessing the desired data and documents.

Step 1: First time login: New users have to complete the first time login providing generic credentials like username and password. Your username is Cedar Point ID Number, and the password is 2 Digit of Birth Month + 2 Digit of Birth Day + Last 4 of Social Security Number (SSN) following the format: MMDDXXXX. Example: Your birth month is October, Birthdate is 31, and SSN is 123456789. So, the password is 10316789.

Step 2: Create your own unique password: After your first-time login, you must create your unique password from the appearing password creating screen following on-screen prompts and requirements.

If you forget your password at any time, then recover your password following the “Forgot your password?” hyperlink submitting your User ID and Email address. If you need any help, then please contact the Cedar Fair Human Resources Office.

Step 3: Verify your personal contact information: Now, you have to view and verify your personal information, contact information, and emergency contacts following the on-screen instructions.

W2 Statements:

If you want to receive your w2 statements electronically through this portal, you must authorize by electing the w2 receiving option digitally on this portal by December 1st. Then the authority will post your W2 statement in January of the following year. You will receive a paper copy of your w2 statement if you have missed authorizing for receiving your W-2 electronically.

You have to contact the Cedar Fair Human Resources Office if you need a duplicate copy of your W2 statement.



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