Big 5 Pay Stubs & W2s

Nowadays the Big 5 Corp. pay stubs and w2 statements are available on My ADP employee self-service portal. You are allowed to get access into this portal 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week for taking this service. That means you won’t have to wait for a time to receive via mail but you can receive your electronic wage statement as soon as getting access to the portal and delivered by the Company. With the electric statement you can:

  1. View your statements in detailed information.
  2. Print your statements at any time at home or store.
  3. You have an available history of the statements for the previous years, which is very helpful for home loans and refinancing.
  4. You can reprint your statement at any time according to your need.

Log In:

You can simply log in to the Portal visiting the log in page using this URL: and providing your User ID and Password.

Registration process for new users:

When you are a new or first time user then first you have to complete the registration process from the log in page of My ADP portal visiting with the link and clicking on the “REGISTER NOW” option.

Then you have to provide your Registration Passcode for going to the next step. Contact with your employer or HR department for your Registration Passcode.

After that you have to provide your valid information with “Enter Information” option manually or “Send verified info from capital one account” option (If you have an account on the Capital One Bank) automatically.First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Last 4 digits of SSN / EIN / ITIN, Birthdate and reCAPTCHA verification are needed for completing the registration. You can also import all the required information automatically with signing in to your capital one account from here.

Now, you have to create your User ID and Password. You also have to select and answer any three security questions from the provided drop down list and click on the ‘I agree” check box after reading the terms and conditions of the system.

Finally, complete the registration process and save all the provided or imported information with clicking on the ‘Register’ button.

Now you are a registered user of this system and have to provide your contact information as well as activate you contact devices also following the verification process.


Disclaimer: The Big 5 Sporting Goods and the Big 5 Sporting logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Big 5 Corp.

Roper St Francis Pay Stub & W2 Statements

Roper st. Francis is a 671-bed health care system with the experience of almost 150 years history including approximately 125 facilities and doctors’ offices. The team is enhanced with more than 800 specialized doctors and 5,600 employees. The mission of this organization is very simple as “Healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence”. Roper St. Francis healthcare professionals as all types of employees, board members, and vendors are provided a reliable and protected web-based system where they are allowed to get access to all types of healthcare-related information, benefits information, payroll-related documents as pay stubs, w2 statements and w4 as well as can maintain personal information, contact information etc. through the internet.

How to log in?

As an employee of the Roper St. Francis Company you can log in to the Benefitfocus Communication Portal for knowing about your benefits information and receiving the payroll related documents using this URL: Here, you have to log in with your Username and Password.

After a Successful log in attempt you can use this portal for enrolling, managing and exchanging your Initial Benefits Enrollment, Open Enrollment Elections and Current Benefit Elections. Besides, you can receive and download or print your pay stubs, w4 form and w2 statements.

Creating an account

At first, first time or new users have to create an account on this portal.

  1. Navigate to the portal log in page using this URL:
  2. Click on the “Create an account” from the Log in section and provide the required information as last name, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), complete the security check with reCAPTCHA verification and go to the next step.
  3. Create your username and password following the requirements provided on the screen.
  4. Then you have to create a secret question and answer. You may be asked for crating multiple questions and answers.

Now, keep in mind carefully or make a note of your username and password in a secure place.

View your pay stubs: Your pay stubs are available under “My Docs” menu on the left-side menu bar. Here is an option as “Document Center” and you will get your pay stubs with clicking on the option.

View your W4 & W2: You can view and download your W4 forms and W2 statements from “View Tax Documents” option under “My Docs” menu.

Disclaimer: The Roper St. Francis and the Roper St. Francis logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Roper St. Francis Company.

IKEA Pay Stub & W2 Statements

IKEA was founded in 1943, which is the largest home furniture retailer company in today’s world with about 423 locations. For a positive impact with the heritage of this company, it is also known as the global brand for furnishing home. The vision of this company is to form a more satisfying life for the people. Every year, there are visiting more than 700 million people in the stores in about 43 countries and more than 1 billion interested people are visiting through the website. About 210000 employees are associated with this company across the world. All the employees are receiving the pay stubs and W2 statements electronically via ADP Global View Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

How to Log in?

As an employee of IKEA Group you can log in to the ADP Global View ESS (Employee Self Service) portal in two ways.

Way 1:

  1. Go to the inside IKEA sign in page using
  2. Provide your IKEA Network ID and Password on the specific text input field.
  3. Click on Sign in button.

From the home page, you can find out different quick links such as ESS (Employee Self Service) Portal link, benefits link and other different useful links. And you can easily get access to your desired space and can explore documents and information.

Way 2: Direct to the ADP Global View Portal:

  1. Go to the ADP Global View ESS (Employee Self Service) Portal log in page directly using this URL:
  2. Provide your ADP User ID and Password.
  3. Click on the LOG IN button.

Now, you can easily explore your desired pay stubs and W statements electrically and can print or download with detailed information like pay date, pay time, deductions etc. You can manage or update your personal and contact information also.

New User?

If you are a new user and do not know or have anything like log in credentials then you have to contact with your employer or Human Resource Office. From there you will be provided the log in credentials as User ID and Password for ADP Global View Employee Self Service Portal and IKEA Network ID and Password for inside IKEA through the registration process.

Then you will be able to log in following the previous log in process and can have your electric pay stubs and W2 statements as well as other different information.


Disclaimer: The IKEA and the IKEA logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Inter IKEA Systems or the IKEA Group.

Erlanger Pay Stub & W2 Statements

Erlanger Health System is one of the best non-profitable multi-hospital health systems with a preeminent academic medical center where approximately 600k patients are providing health care with compassionate behavior per year.  This organization is growing day by day following some core values like excellence in care, accountability in service, respectful behavior, leadership, nurturing, generosity, ethics and recognition. The vision of this organization is to deliver the best services at the lowest cost and maintain success via modernization and prosperity. All the employees are associated with Erlanger Health System have an accessible URL: of PeopleSoft Employee Self Service (ESS) portal where they can receive the pay stubs and W2 Statements electronically as well as can update personal and contact information. Here are also available benefits, employment information and others payroll related information.

Sign in Process to the Portal:

  1. Go to the PeopleSoft Employee Self Service (ESS) portal sign in page with a network connected device as computer or laptop using the accessible URL: Please, do not try to use smartphones, because ESS does not support smartphones.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password.
  3. Click on Sign In button.

Now you are on the home page of this Employee Self Service portal and can view or know about all documents and information.

First time or new user’s sign in process:

  1. Go to the portal log in page using the accessible URL.
  2. Log in with providing your User ID and Password. Your User ID is you Employee ID and Initial Password is last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) + 4 digits of your birth year.
  3. Change your Initial Password Following the Password requirements.
  4. Answer your security questions and make a note because these answers may need to verify your account in future.
  5. Now you are able to get access into the portal and can enjoy different advantages. You can know about your payroll and compensation information as pay statements, PAL & EIB, updating W4 and setting up direct deposit. Besides, you can know about your benefits information, apply for Job Opening and update your personal and contact information as present address, email, phone, and emergency contact.

W2 Statements: A paper copy of your W2 Statements will be send to your home address every year on 31st January. If you need to update your home address due to changing location then you have to contact with the Human Resource office. On the other hand, you can directly update from the Portal.

Disclaimer: The Erlanger and the Erlanger logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Erlanger Health System.

Gaylor Electric Pay Stub & W2 Statements

Gaylor Electric, Inc. was established with realizing the need for an electric contractor which can inspire to approach in construction based on quality for open competition and free enterprise. Now it has recognized as one of the best performing national contractors in the construction Industry. Behind the success, there was a determination by this company to provide the most reliable services to the clients by the excellent performance of the employees as well as employees were in the consideration of getting the best salaries, benefits, and other facilities like education, training with best tools, etc. Employees can receive the pay stubs, W2 statements and benefits information electrically via Doculivery Payroll Portal.

How to Login?

  1. Go to the log in page of Gaylor Electric on the Doculivery portal using this URL:
  2. Enter your User ID.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click on the “Log In” button.

Now, you are on the dashboard of the portal and can view your documents, information etc.

NB: Have you forgotten your password? Then retrieve your password entering your User ID and clicking on the hyperlink “Forgotten Password?”

Log in process for the First time users:

  • Go to the Log in page using
  • Enter your User ID. Your User ID is the 5 digits of your Employee ID.
  • Enter your Initial Password. Initial Password is the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).
  • Click on “Log In” button.
  • Now, change your initial password from the appearing password changing screen with entering the initial password as old password and creating the new password following the requirements.
  • Then, answer 5 security questions selecting from the drop down menu. Here, you have to click on save button at every time of answering question.
  • Finally, save your all provided information and credentials with clicking on the Save Information button.

Set Up Electronic Delivery Option:

You have to set up your W2 Delivery option and you will get a pop up window.

  1. Click on “Yes, opt me now!” for setting up W2 Delivery.
  2. Click on the checkbox to agree with the terms and condition of the system.
  3. Provide your SSN (Social Security Number) and Email address.
  4. You will be sent a validation code to your email address and submit to validate. You can complete a bypass validation with clicking on Bypass validation button while you cannot get access to your Gmail.

If you do not want to set up now then click on “No, thanks”. Remember that you will not be able to receive your electric W2 till you set up your “W2 Delivery” option.

View Your Pay stubs: From the dashboard, Click on the Pay Stubs tab. Here is available a list of your present and previous pay stubs with pay date, begin date, end date. You can view the pdf format of your pay stubs in details with Earnings, Deductions, Taxes, Direct deposit etc.

View your W2 statements: Once you have set up your W2 Delivery option then you can view and download your W2 statements from the W-2 option.


Disclaimer: The Gaylor Electric and the Gaylor Electric logo are the registered trademark and copyrighted work of the Gaylor Electric, Inc.