Zaxby’s Pay Stubs

Zaxby’s team members can access their current and past pay stubs, set up direct deposit, and update their personal information at the OPEN4 Employee service website. The OPEN4 Employee Self-Service portal can be accessed by going to the following website: As a team member, you will automatically have access to pay stubs through the OPEN4 ESS. If you do not have access, you can create an account or contact your support line at 706-389-7194. New employees and employees who were no previously on OPEN4 ESS are required to sign up. Because the ESS is a safe, secure way to access and print your payroll information. By receiving your pay stubs online, you can:
1. Review your statement as soon as it is available.
2. Print your pay stubs when needed.
3. Obtain past pay stubs that are available online.

How to access Your Pay Stubs
You do not require to access your pay stub online. You can access your online pay stubs from any computer with an internet connection.
1. Go to OPEN4 Employee Self-Service at
2. Enter your user ID and password, press Login.
3. If you are new to this system, press on New User.
4. You will be asked to enter your Employee ID, and your social security number’s last four digits.
5. Next steps will prompt you to set up your account with personal information, contact information, and create a user ID and password, select and provide the answer for a series of security questions, etc.
6. Once logged in, you will be able to view and print your payroll information.
7. If you need assistance, you can call a Zaxby’s support line representative at 1-706-389-7194.


OPEN4 Employee Self-Service

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