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FPG and Nan Ya Plastics Employees: The Employee self-service allows you to access and update your details, review your pay stubs and W2 forms, and much more. The Employee self-service system can be accessed by visiting the following website: You are responsible for reviewing your pay stub information to ensure that the correct types of deductions are being taken. You must contact the payroll office as soon as possible if there is a discrepancy. On the other hand, employees also can receive the original W-2 Form online through the Employee self-service portal. But you must give consent for online delivery by Federal regulations. Once permission is granted for online viewing your W2 Form, you will receive an automated email notification when access is available. If you did not consent, your W-2 Form would be mailed via US Postal Mail by 31st January to the permanent address listed in the HR file. According to your payroll office, all your payroll information and W-2 will remain online for five years in the Employee Self-Service portal.

Access Employee Self-Service
Visit the Employee Self-Service website at
Log in using your User ID and password. You can use the same user ID and password that you have used on the FPG Workflow website.
Once logged in, click on Pay Stub. It will show a list of pay stubs for the last five years (if available). The most recent pay stub is showing on top.
Click on W-2 to view and print your W-2 statements. You must have installed Adobe Reader to view your pay stubs and W2s.

Consent for Online Delivery
Consent forms are available in the Employee Self-Service portal. Just log into the Employee Self-service portal, click on Consent Forms, then click on W2 Consent Form and print it out. Fill up the required field and send the local HR office.

Need Help?
For further assistance, call 1-843-389-7800 or email

NPCA Employee Self-Service

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