WSFCS Pay Stubs

Beginning with December 2008, Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools employees on direct deposit will receive their payroll check stub information via the Employee Documents portal. It is also called “e-Docs.” WS/FCS’s payroll department maintains the e-Docs web service. It is a secured website where employees will have access to their employment and payroll data from anywhere and anytime, and even they have retired or resigned from jobs. You will also view and print an unlimited copy of your Tax form online thru the employee Document Portal. These articles explain how to signing on and view or print your payroll check stubs and year-end tax statements.

“e-Docs”: Pay Stub Viewing and Printing

1. Access the Employee Documents Portal website using the “e-Docs” link at the bottom (REFERENCE) of this article. The direct link is
2. Logon to Employee Documents Portal will need your user ID and password. Once you have typed the login information, press on Login. Do not recall your password, click on “Forgot Password?” if you need further assistance, call the IT help desk at 727-8300.
3. If this is the first time signing on the employee documents portal, you may need the following information to access the system-
User ID: six-digit employee ID [can be found on paper pay stub]
Password: last four digits of SSN and the first two letters of the last name in CAPITAL. For example- the last four digits of your SSN are 6789, and your name is Beverly Leek, then your temporary password is 6789LE.
4. You will be prompted to change your temporary password and add personal & contact information.
5. Once you have done everything, you will be on the home page of “e-Docs.” Now, you can view your payroll check stubs, Form W-2, and other HR documents and resources uploaded by the HR/payroll department.
6. To print out, you can use the standard printing procedure.
7. Need assistance signing on, changing your personal information, view, or printing your payroll check stubs and w-2 form? You may discuss by calling the Help Desk at 336-748-3018.


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