TeleTech Pay Stubs, W2s & Employment Verification

TTech associates can view their pay details online through ADP, and they can also elect to have their W2 statements online. According to TTECH payroll office, all active employees who are working regularly are eligible to access the third-party payroll vendor ADP. ADP has nearly 70 years of experience providing payroll service. Today, it is the largest payroll service provider in North America, Europe, Latin American, and the Pacific Rim. Therefore, as an associate of TTECH, you can access the following service through ADP-

Direct Deposit accounts: Associates will be able to manage a direct deposit account. Add or edit when needed.

W-4: you can submit your tax deduction forms and make a change when needed.

Pay Stubs & W2s: all associates to access their bio-weekly pay stubs and year-end tax statement through this portal.

Logging In

You can log into the ADP portal from any device with an internet connection using your registered ID and password. Just open a web browser and go to


To get started, you will need to follow the directions below to be a registered user.

  1. On the ADP logging page, click on REGISTER NOW.
  2. Enter the TELETECH Registration passcode for ADP= TTH1-IPAY2
  3. If you have a Capital One account, you can import data and verify your information immediately. To verify your data directly, click on “send verified info from capital one account” and sing into your Capital One account. Or click on Enter Information and enter the following information.
  4. Verify your identity with Name, Last four digits of SSN, DOB, and check the reCaptcha checkbox. Click on Next.
  5. Get your user ID and create a password. Click on Next.
  6. Select and provide the answer to three security questions. Click Next.
  7. Enter your contact information then Next.
  8. Verify your email address and phone number with the activation code.
  9. Review your entered information and click on Done.
  10. Now you can Log In using the system assigned user ID and password.

Go Paperless

To receive paperless statements, follow the following steps-

  1. Click on the setting from your account profile.
  2. Select the “Receive paperless statement” option in the Go Paperless box.
  3. Tick the Receive paperless W2 consent checkbox.
  4. Click on I Agree
  5. Verify your email address and click on Finish.

Active Employees-

If you are an active employee, all you need to know can be found by logging into You can also submit your questions on the ASK Now portal.

Former Employees – is a get in touch with HR portal for terminated employees. Through this portal, terminated employees may access their employment-related information.

Employment Verification

TTech uses the Work Number service to provide automated employment and income verifications for current and terminates associates. Therefore, you can use the service to prove your employment and income.

Proof of Employment

Provide the following information to the person who requested proof of employment-

  1. The Work Number web address:
  2. You social security number
  3. TELETECH’s employer code: 12395

Proof of Income:

You have to create a six digits salary key to the proof of income. To create a salary Key, go to, select the Employees option, and enter your employer code- 12395. Then make your salary key with the required information.



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