T-System Employee Self-Service Portal

Today, T-System Inc. has introduced a new self-service portal for employees called Ceridian Dayforce. T-System said in a statement the initiative of self-service was aimed at enhancing Go Green. This is a digital era. Therefore employees are expected to use some kinds of digital tools that accessible online from anywhere and anytime. It also reduces costs and improves employee satisfaction. However, all employees of T-System, Inc., RevCycle+, Inc., and Cannae Holdings, Inc. will be accessing the employee self-service portal, and compliance training will be held on 30th September.

Feature of Self-Service portal
1. Punch in or out: By using self-service tools, you will punch in and out for your shift, as well as for meals and break.
2. View your work schedule: employees will be able to view their upcoming shifts/schedules.
3. View your profile: also add or edit profile information.
4. View your earning statement: earning statements will be available on or before payday. You will also view your historical earning statements.
5. View your messages
6. View your benefits, and much more.

How to access Employee Self-Service?
1. You may access the Ceridian Dayforce self-service portal at https://www.dayforcehcm.com/
2. Type your company code/name and login credentials and click on Login. Company: tsystem, you will receive your user name and password during compliance training.
3. When you log in at the Ceridian Dayforce self-service portal for the first time, you will be prompted to change your temporary password and complete personal and contact information.
4. Once you’ve done, you will view your home page where you will punch in or out (starting or ending your shift, a meal, or a break), view your schedule, view your profile and earning statements, view your message and enroll in benefits program and much more.
5. If you need any help, you can contact your supervisor, manager, or you can call the Employee Help Line at 1-844-240-0005.

T-System Employee Self-Service

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