PTI Employees: All employees, including driver’s wages and tax statements (W2s) for the current year, will be postmarked in the last week of the following January and no later than 31st January. This is the original copy of your Form W-2. First, ensure that it will not misplace. If misplaced, you are required for an additional document or reissue your Form W-2. Reissuing a Form W-2 requires a service charge, which is not free. Therefore, to avoid misplaced or reissue, you must have an updated address in the HR system.

Drivers can confirm and update personal contact information online, including address, cell phone number, email address, emergency contact, etc. In the finishing part of this article, I will describe how to update your address and contact information online.

Employees can pick up their Form W-2 at the branch office. To access a branch office, you should consent to the payroll office. Employees who agreed to receive their Form W-2 at the branch office will not postmark a home address. So you must pick it up at the branch office. We hope that PTI will provide the W-2s online as soon as possible.

You must contact your payroll office for the following purpose-
Reissue- If your Form W-2 has been misplaced or lost, you must get to your payroll office.
Correction- your Form W-2 shows incorrect data; you must contact with payroll office for any correction.
Update your address online:
1. Go to
2. Login into the driver portal with the login information, including username and passcode. Contact your manager or HR payroll coordinator for login information if you do not have the login information.
3. Once logged in, click on Change of Address Request under the HR menu.
4. Enter your updated address information and submit. Your entered data will be automatically adjusted to the HR system.
5. For more information, contact your payroll office.

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