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I hope that your employment with Krispy Kreme is well satisfied. Krispy Kreme utilizes ADP self-service portal, so your pay stubs information and year-end tax statement can be found online on ADP Portal. On this portal, you can view at any time of your pay stub, w2s, and set up or update direct deposit from home/ anywhere. According to the Payroll Dept, If you are a direct deposit employee your pay stub does not mail to your primary address (only accessible online). W2 forms will be postmarked by January 31st of each year and mailed to your address. But you can access online earlier than mail delivery.

Instructions for retrieving your online Pay stubs & W2

1. Krispy Kreme ADP self-service log on (you can save or bookmark it as a favorite)
2. login with your User ID and password. If you haven’t logged into this portal before, you need to complete the registration process. To register, click on the link titled “Register Now”.
3. This will link to the 1st step of 7 (Registration steps), so you can enter your registration passcode that receives from the payroll department. Click on Next.
4. In the 2nd step, enter your personal information including name, SSN, EIN, etc.
5. You will choose a password on the next step.
6. In the step of 4; select and answer your security questions.
7. You will be requested to enter an email address and phone number in the next step.
8. Active your email address and phone number with the activation code.
9. Review and submit to complete the registration process.
10. Once you have logged in, you can view and print your pay stub and w2s.
11. If you have any difficulties in logging on this system, please do not leave without comment.

Krispy Kreme

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  1. I am not longer employed by Krispy Kreme. I need to know how I can go about getting my check stubs and w2 when they are release. Please advise if you will.

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