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It seems to me the jobs of Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. are exciting. Especially the corporate-level jobs, and that’s good for me. Although exciting but quite challenging. Because Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing Staffing Firms in the United States, and it has been able to keep its position in the staffing industry with a unique strategy and providing numerous services such as recruitment and job placement services for temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire positions; payroll and benefits solutions for human resource management. This company offers jobs in human resources, sales, business operations, finance and accounting, site operations, client services, marketing, customer services, recruiting, and administrative support.

Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. provides pay stubs and w2 statements to the employees via Integrity Workforce Web Center at This Web Center will be available for the employees after receiving the first paycheck, and then as an employee, you can access this Web Center/portal for receiving your pay stubs and w2 statements.

How to Login?

  • Navigate to the payroll portal login page via
  • Enter your Username. Your Username will be your Last Name + Last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). There is no space between your Last Name and the last four digits of your SSN. Example: Suppose your name is David Robins and your SSN is 12456789, then your Username will be Robin6789.
  • Enter your Password. Your password will be the last six digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).
  • Click on the login button to get access to this portal.
  • Now update your personal information, email address, phone number, and Notification setting, and change your password from the My Information feature.

You should contact your Human Resource office or payroll coordinator if you cannot log in to this portal after getting your first paycheck.

How to view your pay stubs and W2 statement?

After logging into the portal, you can view your pay stubs with the Pay History option from the screen’s right-top corner. Here are available all your pay stubs. On the portal home page, there is an option as Manage W-2s below the My Information option. By clicking on this option, you can get access to your W2 statements.

Forgot Username?

If you forgot your Username, you can get it with the Forgot Username link below the login section. You have to provide your email address, First Name, and Last Name, and click Find Username for matching with the database, and then you will get your Username.

Forgot Password?

You can retrieve your forgotten password with this link below the login section. Provide your User Name (or Email address, First Name, and Last name) for resetting your password.

How to Enroll Electronic Direct Deposit?

  • Navigate to the Employee Portal login page at
  • Log in with your Username and Password. (Same as payroll portal)
  • Click on the Link Icon from the top of the screen and select the Request Direct Deposit option.
  • Now you have to provide your account information and finally click on the Finish button.


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  1. my name is is ian madison. every time i put in my information to reset my password it wont let me it says password reset failed

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