IKEA Pay Stub & W2 Statements

IKEA was founded in 1943, the largest home furniture retailer company in today’s world, with about 423 locations. For a positive impact on this company’s heritage, it is also known as the global brand for furnishing home. The vision of this company is to form a more satisfying life for the people. More than 700 million people visit stores in about 43 countries every year, and more than 1 billion interested people see through the website. About 210000 employees are associated with this company across the world. All the employees receive the pay stub and W2 statements electronically via ADP Global View Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal.

How to Log in?

As an employee of IKEA Group, you can log in to the ADP Global View ESS (Employee Self-Service) portal in two ways.

Way 1:

  1. Go to the inside IKEA sign-in page using https://inside.ikea.com
  2. Provide your IKEA Network ID and Password on the specific text input field.
  3. Click on the Sign-in button.

You can find different quick links such as ESS (Employee Self Service) Portal link, benefits link, and other useful links from the home page. And you can quickly get access to your desired space and can explore documents and information.

Way 2: Direct to the ADP Global View Portal:

  1. Go to the ADP Global View ESS (Employee Self Service) Portal login page directly using this URL: https://portal.globalview.adp.com/ikea.
  2. Provide your ADP User ID and Password.
  3. Click on the login button.

Now, you can easily explore your desired pay stubs and W statements electrically and can print or download detailed information like pay dates, pay times, deductions, etc. You can manage or update your personal and contact information also.

New User?

You must contact your employer or the Human Resource Office if you are a new user and do not know or have login credentials. From there, you will be provided the login credentials like User ID and Password for ADP Global View Employee Self Service Portal and IKEA Network ID and Password for inside IKEA through the registration process.

Then you can log in following the previous login process and have your electric pay stubs and W2 statements, and other information.



Disclaimer: The IKEA and the IKEA logo are the trademarks and copyrighted works of the Inter IKEA Systems or the IKEA Group.

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