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Hardee’s is a chain of first food restaurants operated by CKE. The present article will discover the possible way to access Hardee’s employee’s pay stubs and W2s. But it isn’t easy to describe in an article as Hardee’s is a franchisor with more than 3152 outlets in the USA with many franchisees. For example, Boddie-Noell operates more than 330 Hardee’s restaurants; Capstone restaurant group employs more than 300 Hardee’s restaurants; Jack Kemp owns 40 Hardee’s restaurants throughout Florida. However, I will try to describe all possible ways.

Hardee’s Corporate Employees Pay Stubs & W2s (Hardee’s Food System & Hardee’s Restaurants)

If you are a Hardees corporate (CKE restaurants) employee, your pay stubs and W2s are available to view online. A registration process must be completed to use the self-service portal if you are a new employee. To access your pay stubs, go to paperlesspay.talx.com/cke and log in with your SSN and PIN. The first-time user can log in with SSN and default PIN. If this portal asks for an employer code, enter 10508 as the employer code. There are a few steps to complete the registration process.

On the other hand, W2s will be available online at mytaxform.com on or before 31st January of each year. There is the same login procedure as paperless pay login. Your W2s will be held for four years in this portal. Therefore, if you want a copy of your W2s more than four years prior, you must submit a written application with supporting documents to your HR office. You also have access to this portal if you are a terminated employee. If not, contact Hardee’s payroll office.

Hardee’s: Capstone Restaurant Group Pay Stubs & W2s -(Atlantic Star Foods, North Star Foods, Bighorn Restaurants, Pioneer Restaurants, Empire Restaurants, River Valley Restaurants, Heartland Restaurants, Summit Restaurant Development, LBE Restaurant Development, Tristar Ventures)

Capstone Restaurant Group is the second-largest franchise, with more than 300 restaurants in 16 states. If you are employed by Capstone/Hardee’s, your pay statement and W2s are available online to view and print. According to the Capstone Restaurant group payroll office, paychecks and w2s will not be mailed to the home address and will be available online at the team member portal. The team member portal is also known as the cabinet and Paylocity Portal.
To log in to the Paylocity portal, go to (https://login.paylocity.com) and log in with a Company ID, username, and password.

Company ID: use the following company ID (Atlantic Star Foods- N9198, North Star Foods – N9116, Bighorn Restaurants – N5526, Pioneer Restaurants – 12496, Empire Restaurants – N5525, River Valley Restaurants – N9117, Heartland Restaurants – N5527, Summit Restaurant Development – 11258, LBE Restaurant Development – 11257, Tristar Ventures – N9118.
Username: Use the user name that you have created upon registration.
Password: use the same password that you have created upon registration.
If you are a new user and have not registered in this portal, Click register user and complete the registration process with the required information. You can also use the Paylocity mobile app on Google Play Stores and Apple App Store.

Hardee’s: Boddie-Noell Enterprise Pay Stubs & W2s
Boddie-Noell is the largest franchiser of Hardee’s, which operates more than 330 Hardee’s restaurants in NC, SC, VA, and KY. According to the Boddie-Noell HR office, the company employs more than 11500 staff. All staff will be paid weekly, and paystubs are available in restaurants and on the payment card self-service portal. W2s will be mailed to the staff home address no later than 31st January. But you can hold your W2 at restaurants to access it early. The Restaurant will be distributed your W2 on 31st January, 1st, and 2nd February of each year. Therefore you have to collect your copy from the Restaurant where you work. HR office also confirmed that your payroll information and W2s would be available online as soon as possible. If you need assistance or have questions, you can call 1-800-664-8585 between 8 am and 5 pm.

Hardee’s: Paradigm Investment Group Pay Stubs & W2s

Paradigm is the 3rd largest franchisee of Hardee’s. Paradigm investment provides an Ultipro self-service web portal for employees. This portal allows you to access pay and year-end tax statements and capabilities 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You will be access to Ultipro at work or from home. Employees can also update their home address, emergency contact information, phone number, email address, direct deposit information, etc. To access Ultipro go to https://infosync.ultipro.com/Login.aspx.

Capstone Restaurant
Paradigm Investment

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  1. Hello I’m an employee at the Hardee’s store in Leesburg Florida I’m unable to get the information I need to log in to view my paystubs could you help me

  2. I am a former employee for Hardee’s in Oxford Al. and I recently moved to Michigan. I am needing to get my W2s for 2018. How can I get it?

  3. I am trying to access my W2 with company code N5527, Hoog (last name), and my SSN ending in #.. It says it doesn’t recognize my information. Could you help?

  4. i am trying to get my w2s off of the paylocity site and it is not letting me get in to my accout that i have had set up for a couple of years now. i am no longer employed there but im not sure how else to get my w2s from yall. what else can i do?

  5. Paylocity and Hardees and their so-called managers SUCK. It’s a wonder the Capstone Group is even in business still.

  6. I am trying to get in the new account my workday. I need my paystubs ASAP!!! You are going to make me loose my benefits from the state!!! I’ve tried to reach out to you guys without success. I am very disappointed in the way you handle you business.

  7. I am a former employee of Hardees from Macon, Georgia. I have not received my W2 forms yet. I am getting NO answers from my former Employer. I am being told to go online and get them. I do npt know how to do that and they won’t give me Corporate or anyone hire up to get me answers. I need to file my taxes and can’t due to me not having the forms needed to do so,

  8. I just need paper form of my W2, so I can do my Taxes. I have tried calling and everything and I get no reply

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