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Speedway PayStubs & W2s

Current Speedway Employee: The ADP self-service portal allow you to access and view your pay stubs and year-end tax statement online. If you are a new employee, you will need to register as an ADP user. But you must wait until your first pay date has passed before you can register to use ADP. During registration, you will be assigned a user ID and you will need to establish a password of your choice. This article is intended to help you access with step by step information the ADP portal to view your Pay Stubs and W2s online. If you are former employee, and don’t have access the ADP portal, your W2 will be mailed to your home address on or before 31 January. For reprint, contact at Speedway payroll office and you can also call employee service center at 888-225-5735 for help.

Before You Begin: You need to have the following information.

1. Most recent pay stubs
2. Speedway registration passcode for ADP
3. An email address, phone number
4. Social Security Number (SSN)

If you are ready login or registration, follow the following steps.

1. Open your browser and go to Speedway ADP portal address (see Reference)
2. Login with your user ID and password. If you are new to ADP self-service click First Time User? REGISTER NOW.
3. Enter your Registration passcode to find your record at ADP server. Registration passcode are published by your payroll office. Click Next.
4. Enter your name, SSN, DOB to verify your identity. Click Next.
5. Enter your contact information and Click Next.
6. Active your email address with verification code. See your email.
7. Chose and answer the three of security questions. Click Next.
8. Now you will be assigned a user ID and you will need create a password. Click Next.
9. Review your entered information and Click Submit.
10. A conformation page will show next.
11. Now the ADP portal is ready to use. Therefore, On the conformation page click on Login to use ADP.
12. If you have still difficulty, contact your employee service at 888-225-5735, and select option 4 for further information.


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