Akron Children’s Pay Statements & W2s

How to Access Akron Children’s Pay Statements and W2s Online?

Science has brought incredible success in the field of medicine. Biopsy, ultrasonography, ECG, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, and penicillin are the wonders of science in medicine. As a result of these discoveries, the death rate of people has begun to decrease. And people are getting assurance of their life. Also, for all the deadly diseases of the world, scientists have discovered many technologies which are contributions of science. Akron Children’s Hospital uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a full range of services from 91 locations in 25 counties throughout Ohio. This institution specializes only in children, where it provides medical services for 0-21-year-olds and, in some cases, a little older. Although it originated in the late nineteenth century, i.e., in 1890, it has adapted to all modern technologies over time. It is even starting to use online payroll portals to digitally issue pay statements and W2s to all staff working here.

Here, we move forward with a vision of providing high-quality care through community service and research, upholding our commitment to treating all children as their own, prioritizing their needs, and not alienating them for any reason.

Access your Pay and Tax Statement from SharePoint Self-Service by following the instructions below-

  • SharePoint is a web-based Human Resources Management System developed by Microsoft Company through which Akron Children’s Hospital authority manages payroll for all employees. It is a fast-growing product of Microsoft through which it is possible to complete all kinds of human resource-related functions, starting from recruitment in any organization. However, you can maintain strong security for your organization’s data and customize it to your specific needs. Because SharePoint Human Resources Management System is integrated with Microsoft Office and has some built-in document management features through which Human Resource related content can be easily managed. And the best thing is that this system can be accessed from anywhere using any internet-enabled smart device and collect personal and employment data, including documents like Pay Stubs and W2 statements.
  • To access the SharePoint Human Resources Management System, reach the sign-in page through this link (https://akronchildrens.sharepoint.com/). Previously you will be provided credentials (An Email as Username and a Password) for a work account created by the appropriate authority at Akron Children’s Hospital to sign in from here. First, enter the Username or Email address on the sign-in page and click the “Next” button. Then enter the password and click the “Sign in” button to complete the sign-in process. Now open “All Apps” by clicking on the app launcher on the top left side of your screen, and from there, click on “SharePoint” to open the SharePoint Human Resources Management System.
  • If you don’t find “SharePoint” under “All Apps” here, type SharePoint in the search box, and if still not found, please scan the list. If “SharePoint” doesn’t appear here at any cost, talk to your IT Admin for help.
  • Finally, after entering the SharePoint Human Resources Management System, options such as Employee Records, Employee Documents, Payroll, etc., will be available. Here you can maintain all the information and view or save the documents (Pay Statements & W2 Statements) related to Akron Children’s Hospital in detail.
  • If you are facing trouble signing in here due to your password, you can resolve it by clicking on the “Can’t access your account” link on the sign-in page. Enter “Work or school account” here and provide the Email or Username, input the characters shown in the image in the below input box and go to “Next.” Now create your new password according to the instructions on the next screen.

Disclaimer: The Akron Children’s and Akron Children’s logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Akron Children’s Hospital.

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