Huntington Ingalls Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Huntington Ingalls Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Keeping accurate information, accounting for everyone’s work, and providing Pay Stubs and W2 Statements to employees at the right time will increase the employees’ trust in the organization. Then the reputation of the organization will be spread by those employees. It will also increase the possibility of getting skilled human resources in recruiting new human resources. Starting as a separate company by gaining experience from earlier involvement with the shipbuilding business, it quickly grew into a large company. Yes, I am talking about Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc., the largest military shipbuilding company in the American Defense and Space Manufacturing industry. It recently changed its name and is doing business as HII. Driven by the motto “Hard Stuff Done Right,” this company is always committed to employees’ welfare, health, development, and safety while facing various complex and difficult challenges. Huntington Ingalls has access to the MyHR SharePoint Site and Tax Form Management Portal to distribute Pay Stubs and W2 Statements online to benefit its workforce of over forty-four thousand employees.

Access your Huntington Ingalls Pay Statements at the MyHR SharePoint Site

  • This MyHR SharePoint Site or Network used by Huntington Ingalls is also known as the Huntington Ingalls Mission Technologies Employee Access Portal. It is a proprietary property created only for Pay Stub Distribution and TimeCard Management and storing payroll data of Huntington Ingalls Industries employees. This link ( is used for access and may only be accessed by users authorized by Huntington Ingalls Industries.
  • After you are appointed, the authorities will allow access to this site through registration, and you will be given a password and a token. To access, navigate to the link on the left side of the screen and find three input boxes in the sign-in panel. Enter the sum of two numbers in the first input box, the password in the second input box, the Duo Commercial Token in the third input box, and finally, click the “Sign In” button. Then, if any actionable instructions appear on the screen, complete them.
  • Explore the Current Payslip or Payslip History from Payroll Details to access your Pay stubs. After opening and checking the details, download or print them to save.

Access your Huntington Ingalls W2s at the Tax Form Management Portal

  • To access Huntington Ingalls Industries employees’ W2 Statements on Equifax’s Tax Form Management Portal, visit the “Home Page” and submit this (10120) Employer Code on the login panel. You are now authorized to access this portal as an employee of Huntington Ingalls Industries. If you are a first-time user, you must complete the registration through the register now panel on the right. Returning users can sign in directly by inputting credentials from the left-side panel.
  • For registration here step by step, you must provide personal information, answer security questions, provide contact information (Email and Phone Number), and create your credentials (User ID and Password). In this system, it is essential to accept the “Terms and Conditions” and give “W2 Consent” to get an electronic copy of your W2 Statements. After providing “W2 Consent,” you must also select the Online Receiving W2 Statements option; otherwise, you will not receive it online. Finally, don’t forget to click the “Accept & Continue” button.
  • When your W2 Statement is ready, you will be notified by email or phone message to receive it. Then sign in to the portal, and you will get your latest W2 Statement on the home page. Then mark the checkbox to view, download, and print your W2 Statement; you can even send it to your email or fax.

Disclaimer: The Huntington Ingalls Industries and Huntington Ingalls Industries logos are the HII’s (Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.) registered trademarks and copyrighted works.

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