Travelcenters of America Pay stubs & W2s

TravelCenters of America is distributing the pay stubs electronically via PeopleSoft Employee Self Service (ESS) portal using this accessible URL: As an employee, you can receive the pay stubs electronically for viewing or printing and update personal and contact information. Here are also available benefits, employment information, and other payroll-related information. The electronic version of the w2 statement is not available here, but the company will mail a hard copy to your postal address within 31st January.

Sign in Process to the Portal:

First, navigate to the sign-in page of the PeopleSoft Employee Self Service (ESS) portal using the accessible URL: through a network-connected device as a computer or laptop. Point to be noted that you cannot get access through Smartphones because ESS does not support smartphones. Then, enter your User ID and Password on the definite text input fields. Finally, get access to the portal by clicking on the “Sign In” button.

This is your home page on the PeopleSoft Employee Self Service portal, where you can view or know about all documents and information through a definite menu or options.

Are you signing in for the first time? Then follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the portal log in page using the URL.

Step 2: Follow the hyperlink as “New to PeopleSoft? Click here to set up your password” located on the bottom of the sign-in page.

Step 3: Providing your User ID (9-digit PeopleSoft Employee ID) set up your password following the requirements.

Step 4: You may be prompted to set up some security questions for security purposes. Suppose you are asked, then set up security questions and answer them carefully so that you can provide at any time for verifying your identity.

Now, enjoy different advantages by exploring your information, documents, and benefits.

Now, you can sign into the portal directly and can enjoy different advantages. Here is available your payroll and compensation information as pay statements, PAL & EIB, W4 forms for updating and direct deposit option, benefits information, Job Opening application, personal and contact information as present address, email, phone, and emergency contact. You can update your personal and contact details in changing circumstances.

W2 Statements:

A paper copy of your W2 Statements will be sent to your home address within 31st January. If you need to update your home address due to changing location, please contact the Human Resource office. You can update your home address from the Portal also.

Have you forgotten your Password?

You can reset your password by clicking on the ‘Reset Password’ hyperlink and properly following the instructions. First, you have to provide your Employee ID for continuing this process. Then you have to provide your 9 digit Social Security Number, your date of birth, and your home zip code.

For any queries, you can call the HR Hotline at (855) 374-6777.

Disclaimer: The TravelCenters of America and the TravelCenters of America logo are the trademarks and copyrighted works of the TravelCenters of America LLC.

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